The anime Anohana, The Flower We Saw That Day (Ano Hi Mita Hana to Namae wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai) It is both hopeful and heartbreaking. The series is fueled by love and tackles the subject of death with great success. Emotional scenes make viewers feel like they have to make every second count before their time runs out.


Jinta Yodomi is a quiet recluse who avoids school and prefers to spend his time at home playing videogames. Meiko “Menma”, his childhood friend, comes to him one hot summer day and asks him to fulfill a forgotten request. Although it irritates Meiko, he doesn’t seem to care. Menma was dead many years ago.

Jinta initially thinks he is hallucinating due to the heat, but gradually he realizes that what he sees are Menma’s ghost. After Menma’s death, Jinta and his childhood friends became estranged. But they come back together to try to restore Menma’s spirit to peace.

Sometimes anime can be a way to escape reality through its vivid colors and wonderful characters. But sometimes, it can also be a means of escape. Many anime feature depressing scenes or sad storylines that will make you reach for your tissues within minutes of watching an episode. Here are 20 anime suggestions that will make you cry, such as AnoHana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa.)

This anime movie is about Mitsuha’s and Taki’s actions, which have a significant impact on each others’ lives and knit them into a tapestry that is held together by fate.

Mitsuha Miyamizu is a high school girl who dreams of living in Tokyo as a man. This fantasy contrasts with her life in the country.

Taki Tachibana is a high school student who has a part-time job as well as dreams of a career working in architecture. He lives in the city with his family.

Mitsuha wakes up one morning and discovers she is living the dream life in Tokyo, but in Taki’s flesh. Taki on the other side is living Mitsuha’s life in rural poverty. They begin to search for an explanation for their strange occurrence.



20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Boku Dake ga, ni Inai Machi’s emotional tale follows Satoru as he tries to uncover the truth and prevent the death of a classmate 18 years ago. He also tries to protect those he loves in the present.

Satoru Fujinuma is summoned back just minutes before an accident happens, when disaster is imminent. This strong, yet mysterious phenomenon, called “Revival”, has saved many lives by the 29-year-old manga artist.

Satoru is wrongly accused of killing someone important to him. This causes him to be thrown back in the past, to 1988, 18 decades ago. He soon discovers that the murder of Kayo Hinazuki (one of his classmates) may have been connected to an incident that occurred when he was just a child. He has the chance to make things right.


The Dusk Maiden in Amnesia

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia tells the story of students who band together to shed light upon their school’s strange happenings and get closer to the truth about Yuuko’s murder.

Seikyou Private Academy was built on traditional occult beliefs and has a dark past. For 60 years it has been haunted for Yuuko by Yuuko, a young girl who mysteriously died in the basement. Yuuko, who has no recollection of her past or future, found and led the Paranormal Investigations Club to find answers.

After a chance meeting, Yuuko is drawn to Teiichi Niiya, a hardworking schoolboy who can see ghosts. They quickly become close and he agrees to help her. They explore the Seven Mysteries of the historic institution together with Yuuko’s family and the second-year Momoe Okonogi.

Your Lie in April

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Based on the manga series Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso tells the heartbreaking story of Kousei’s recovery. He realizes that music is much more than playing every note perfectly and that one tune can bring in the spring air of April. Expect a lot of emotions, just like Anohana.


Music is the soundtrack to the career of the human metronome Kousei Arima. Kousei is unable to hear the music of his piano after the death of Saki Arima his mother.

Kousei, despite his years of experience, still avoids the piano. He cast away his admirers, as well as his adversaries. Instead, he lives a boring existence with Tsubaki Sawabe, Ryouta Watari, and his friends Ryouta Watari. When he meets Kaori Mishazono, a beautiful violinist, everything changes.

Little buster

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Riki Naoe was a child who was isolated from the world due to narcolepsy. This diagnosis came after his parents’ tragic deaths. Riki is saved, however, when Kyousuke, a young boy, joins him in a team called the Little Busters. They spend their childhood fighting evil and having fun with Rin, Masato, Kengo and Kengo.

The close-knit team remains together even after years. Kyousuke plans to revive the Little Busters and create a baseball club in his last school year. However, they have one problem: not enough members! Riki is now free to make new acquaintances and invite them to join the Little Busters. This is exactly what Kyousuke did for him.

An omen emerges: Rin finds a strange letter that is connected to her cat. She has been given the task of revealing the “secrets of this world” through certain chores. Is there a secret to this secret? And why is it kept hidden? The Little Busters are the ones who will discover what is going on.

Celestial Method

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Nonoka Komiya and Koharu Shiihara, ShioneTogawa and the twins Yuzuki Mizusaka tried once to summon a flying saucer that would grant their wishes. After concluding they had failed, they called it quits. Nonoka on the other side, however, abruptly left Kiriya City breaking the tie. The success of the group was not known, and the saucer has been waiting in the sky ever since, awaiting its mission.

Nonoka, who has forgotten nearly everything from her time in Kiriya, returns to Kiriya seven more years later. Nonoka meets Noel, a little girl in strange clothes, and begins to recall her past and the people she lost. She then tries to repair her relationship with the other girls by uncovering the secrets that connect Noel, Noel the saucer and the shared wishes.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Ryousuke Hazuki, a young man whose heart has been taken, visits the local florist every day to get a glimpse at Rokka Shimao, the owner of the shop. He decides to work part-time at the shop in order to meet her. But he runs into a major stumbling block. In her apartment, lives a ghost that claims to be Rokka Shimao’s murdered husband.

Atsushi Shimao, his widowed wife, has kept a close eye on him since his death three years back. Hazuki notices him first, and they quickly clash. The jealous Shimao attempts to block the suitor’s advances, and his body, while Hazuki simply wants the ghost to go away, allowing Rokka to move on from the past, and for him to be with the woman he loves. The men refuse to compromise their desires and an odd interaction occurs between a woman who is disturbed, a ghost that doesn’t give up, and a man in love.

Angel Beats

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Otonashi wakes up to find that he is not alive anymore. Otonashi discovers that the only thing he can remember about himself is his name. A rifle-toting girl named Yuri reveals to him that they are in an afterlife. Yuri tells him that she is the leader for the Shinda Sekai Sensen, (Afterlife Battlefront), and is currently at war with Tenshi. Otonashi, not believing Yuri’s claims that Tenshi is evil seeks to meet her but it doesn’t go according to plan. Otonashi joins the SSS to fight Tenshi. However, he finds himself strangely captivated. As he tries to understand Tenshi and retrieve his memories, he slowly unravels the mysteries surrounding the afterlife.

Clannad: The After Story

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Clannad: After Story, a dramatic drama that is based on Key’s visual book and made by Kyoto Animation, is impressive. It highlights the importance of family and the challenges that come with maturity.

Clannad: The story begins after Tomoya Ozazaki and Nagisa Furukawa graduate high school. This is the sequel to Clannad. Together, they experience the emotional rollercoaster that is growing up. Tomoya is uncertain about his future, but realizes the importance of a strong work ethic as well as the strength of Nagisa’s support. The couple works together to overcome their personal problems, strengthen their relationships, and forge new bonds through their dedication and unity of purpose.

In the Illusionary World, time passes as well. The Illusionary Girl, Garbage Doll and Garbage Doll face a horrible circumstance as winter draws near. This revelation reveals the true purpose of the World.


20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Naho Takamiya receives a letter from a woman claiming to be from her ten years into the future. The letter describes a series events that will take place that day. Naho initially thinks it is a hoax. However, when the letter refers to Kakeru Naruse (a transfer student who transfers into her class later in that day), she is forced to believe its contents.

Naho continues to read, and her future self confesses many regrets. Naho begs Naho for the right decisions. All of these regrets seem to relate to Kakeru. With the knowledge that her future self will not be there with her and her friends in her future, Naho must make the right decisions to change her fate.

The Sea is a Lull

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Hikari Sakishima, Manaka Mukaido and their childhood friends Chisaki Hiradaira, and Kaname Isaki are forced to leave the sea and go to school in Nagi no Asu Kara. Tsumugu Kira, a fellow student, and fisherman who loves the sea, meets the group.

All human beings used to live below the sea. Some people preferred the surface, and decided to stay below the water’s surface. They lost the protection of Ena, which allowed them to breathe underwater. While the distance between the people living in the water and the surface grew over time, contact between them remained.

Hikari’s and his friends will see their lives change as they battle deep-seated hostility between the people of sea and those of the surface. They also face storms in their personal lives and a coming tempest that could spell disaster for all who live on the surface.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Mirai Onozawa is a middle-school girl who is unhappy with her family and wants to tear everything down. These destructive plans turn out to be a reality a few seconds later, in the form of a magnitude 8.0 earthquake.

Mirai reluctantly takes Yuuki, her younger brother, to Odaiba for summer vacation. He has been waiting to see the robot show that Mirai had wanted to see. While they’re at the exhibition center, however, a powerful earthquake shakes the Kanto region. Helpless, the children witness the devastation as the natural disaster drags the city down to its knees.

They meet Mari Kusakabe (a single mother and motorcycle rider) who decides to help the children. They set out on a difficult trek through the city to find their way home and make amends with their families.

Plastic Memories

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Tsukasa Mikigaki (18) has failed college admissions exams. However, after manipulating strings, he is offered employment at Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation, which is responsible for developing “Giftias,” highly advanced androids that are nearly indistinguishable to normal people. Giftias have a lifespan of almost nine years and four month, which is nearly nine years and 920 hours. Tsukasa’s station collects Giftias past their expiration date, before they lose their memories or become hostile.

After joining Terminal Service One, Tsukasa quickly becomes a couple with Isla, a beautiful Giftia. Despite her small stature and calm demeanor she is a Terminal Service veteran who is highly regarded in Giftia retrievals. Tsukasa must face his feelings for Isla, but time is short.

Kokoro Connect

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Five Yamaboshi Academy students discover that there is no place for them in the Yamaboshi Academy Student Cultural Society. The club is made up of Taichi Yaegashi (a wrestling fanatic); Iori Nagase (an optimist with a skewed outlook); Himeko Inaba (a cool computer prodigy); Yui Kiriyama (a small karate instructor); and Yoshifumi Akoki (the class comedian).

Aoki and Yui meet up for the first time one day, when they suddenly switch bodies. They realize that this bizarre occurrence is not just a game. The five friends eventually discover each other’s dark secrets, psychological pain, and this could lead to the StuCS and their camaraderie being ripped apart.

Hotarubi No Mori e (“Into the Forest of Fireflies’ Light”)

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Hotarubi no Mori e, a.k.a. Based on Yuki Midorikawa’s manga, Into the Forest of Fireflies’ light is a lovely story of friendship and compromise between two people whose lives are irreparably entangled.

Hotaru Takegawa (6 years old) is captivated by the myth of a mountain God and gets lost in the forest after she visits her uncle. Hotaru, who is tired and in desperate need of help, finds a veiled ghost from the forest named Gin. The hard way she discovers that the boy must be kept away from her or she will disappear. Gin takes Hotaru to the woods and warns her not to touch him. She also promises to bring her a present.

Hotaru and Gin became close friends after Gin visited him every summer, despite their distances and differences. Their relationship and determination will be tested when their romantic feelings clash with the only rule.

A Silent Voice

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Sometimes the most unlikely settings can lead to the best romances. A plot that involves childhood friendships and potential love interests is not uncommon in anime series. But Anohana & A Silent Voice take it up a notch!

Koe no Katachi tells the touching story of Shouya’s reunification with Shouko, and his genuine efforts to redeem himself.

Shouya Ishida was an elementary school student who tried to overcome monotony in the most cruel way possible as a wild teenager. Shouko Nishimiya is a deaf girl who transfers to his class. Shouya along with the other members of his class bully Shouya for their fun. Her mother informs school and he is immediately condemned. Shouya now lives at the mercy his peers after Shouko left the school. He is treated with contempt throughout elementary and middle school. Teachers look on in disapproval.

Shouya is now in his third year at high school and still feels haunted by his youth transgressions. Shouko is his target. He embarks on a journey of redemption to meet Shouko and apologize for his past sins.

Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Every person has experienced a time in their life when they felt special and different from other people. Some people believe they have magical abilities or are from mythical lands. This “sickness”, also known as “chuunibyou,” is often the cause of embarrassing situations.

Yuuta Togashi still feels the scars from his chuunibyou. With great embarrassment, he looks back at his middle school years as “Dark Flame Master”, so much that he has plans to attend high school far from where no one will recognize. He wants to forget his horrible past and live a normal high school life.


He hasn’t completely moved on from his past. Enter Rikka Takanashi. This is Yuuta’s new classmate, and self-described vessel of the “Wicked Eye.” His goal to live a normal, chuunibyou free life soon crumbles. This sweet and funny story is about a youngster who wants to forget the unpleasant memories.

Waiting for the Summer

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Kaito Kirishima watches a blue light speed across the sky as he tests his camera on a bridge. He is then blown off the railing just seconds later. As he is about falling asleep, a hand grabs his arm. Kaito awakes the next morning confused and dazed. He wonders how he managed to get back into his room without any visible injuries or recall from the night before. Kaito continues his school day, and Kaito, along with his friends, discuss how to use his camera. They decide to make a movie with it during their summer vacation. Kaito’s interest for Ichika Takatsuki (a new upperclassmen), is noticed by Tetsurou, Ishigaki’s friend. He invites Remon Yamano and her companion Remon Yamano along to their film project.

Kaito and his friends discover that spending time together is more than just making movies. It will force them to face their true feelings.

Clover and honey

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Yuuta Takemoto is a sophomore at an arts college. He lives in a small apartment with Takumi Mayama and Shinobu Morita. Takemoto has never graduated due to his absences.

Takemoto was not paying much attention to his future until one spring day, when he met Hagumi Hanamoto. They fell in love instantly. Hagumi, a gifted artist, enrolls at Takemoto’s university. He quickly makes friends with Ayumi Yamada, a popular ceramics student. Ayumi already knows the flatmates and feels a strong attachment to one of them.

Hachimitsu To Clover is a beautiful story about youth, love and soul-searching. It is told through the complex relationships of five friends.

Seven Senses of the Re’Union

20 anime like Anohana that will make you cry

Asahi’s death occurred while Asahi was playing Union, an online RPG that is well-known around the world. The Subaru members broke off after Asahi’s passing caused Union to close down. Six years later Haruto logs on to a relaunched Re’Union version and meets Asahi again. Is it real or just an electronic ghost? The former team members join the mysterious and deadly online game to find out.

You have it anime fans! These are 20 amazing anime recommendations, like Anohana: The flowers we saw that morning. Were you missing your favorite sad anime? We’d love to hear from you in the comments about what we missed. This list was created to help you find great shows to binge watch when there isn’t anything else or if you just need some good laughs.

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