Otakus, anime fans, and anyone who enjoys good shows, rejoice! I found the perfect animes to continue my Domestic girlfriend.

Domestic Girlfriend is a new series that you may not be familiar with. Here’s a brief overview. This is a rare series that combines humor, heartwarming romance and intimate bedroom scenes in just 12 episodes. It’s so good, you might end up watching it all in one sitting.

Unrequited love is the worst thing that can happen to adolescents. Natsuo Fujii is in this situation because he has fallen for the ever-jovial Hina, his school’s instructor. Natsuo, who is discouraged by his unattainable goal, entertains his friends by attending a mixer. He meets Rui, who is a girl who shares his excitement. Rui invites Natsuo over to her home and invites him for sex. Rui hopes that this will stop her friends treating her as a dumb child. Natsuo reluctantly accepts, his love for Hina still fresh in he thoughts.

They are both unhappy with their “first experiences” and decide to separate as strangers. Natsuo’s father reveals a shocking fact to his children: he is getting married again and Tsukiko Tachibana, his new bride, is coming over today in order to meet Natsuo. As if this weren’t enough, Natsuo’s daughters, and therefore his new sisters, are Hina Tachibana and Rui Takibana. These girls are the woman he loves and the girl he shared his first night with. As he begins to see a darker side of love, Natsuo must now confront his feelings for his step-siblings.

You’ll want more after you watch this series of adult anime, just like I did. Here are 27 anime recommendations that are similar to Domestic Girlfriend.

Please, Teacher!

Kei Kusanagi sees a strange, shining woman by the lake. He discovers that the woman is an alien officer of the Galaxy Federation named Mizuho Kasami. And, even more shocking, she is his teacher! Despite this setback, he and his teacher slowly become friends and develop a romantic relationship. The principal quickly discovered their relationship. How do you solve this problem? Get your marriage license

The newlyweds have to work together in order to keep their union secret from Kei’s high-school friends and the Galaxy Federation. OnegaiTeacher tells the story of a frail, but funny love story between an alien and her student.

Yosuga No Sora (Yosuga no Sora): In Solitude Where We Are Most Alone.

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Twins Haruka and Sora Kasugano have tragically lost both their parents. They start over and return to their childhood home in rural, picturesque hamlet where they lived four years ago.

Recalling the fond memories of their time together, regardless of whether they brought them joy or pain, is a part of returning to a special place. As their lives become intertwined with love, friendship and envy, Haruka’s and Sora’s stories are complicated.

Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai)

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

To the outside world, Hanabi Yasuraoka looks like Mugi Awaya. In reality, however, they have only one thing in common: They are in love with someone they can’t be with.

Hanabi has always had a crush upon Narumi Kanai her childhood neighbor. She is thrilled to find that he is now her homeroom teacher. Hanabi is not pleased that Narumi is spotted quickly by Akane Minagawa as a music teacher and they form a connection.

Mugi was mentored by Akane in middle school. She has been in love ever since. Through a chance meeting in the corridor, he meets Hanabi. They spend more time together and realize that they can use one another as a replacement for the one they love.

5- Gotoubun No Hanayome (The Quintessential Quituplets).

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Fuutarou Uesugi, a high school student from Japan, is a great example of a person who can live despite having a difficult life. His introverted personality and isolated behavior have made him unpopular and left his father in debt. This has forced his family to make a living.

Uesugi has an argument with a female student transfer student during his lunch break. This causes them to be bitter and fight. He is offered a five-fold market rate private tutoring contract by a wealthy family for his daughter. This gives him the opportunity to pay off his family debts. He accepts the proposal, but is shocked when he discovers that Itsuki Nakano is the same client he faced before.

Uesugi fails to win Itsuki’s trust, so he discovers that his problems don’t end there. Itsuki is also a quintuplet. Uesugi must teach her siblings, Yotsuba Yotsuba Nino and Ichika, who despite the real possibility of failure, refuse to cooperate with a tutor. Uesugi knows that his family’s survival is at risk so he perseveres in his resolve to help the sisters overcome their fear of learning and guide them to graduation.

Please Twins (OnegaiTwins).

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

His background has been a problem for Maiku Kamishiro. He only has one clue: an old photo of two children, a boy and a girl, swimming in a small pool outside of a blue home. He moves to the blue house to find his family and starts programming. After a happy childhood, two girls with identical photos approached him and claimed to be his twin sister. Maiku allows both the girls to live with him until they are certain.


27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Kazuya Kinoshita is a 20-year old college student with a wonderful girlfriend, Mami Nanami. He doesn’t have the same girlfriend anymore. Mami abruptly ends his relationship with him, leaving him feeling alone and distraught. To ease his pain, he hires an online girlfriend to be his rental partner. Chizuru Mizuhara, his companion, manages to capture Kazuya’s attention with her beautiful and charming manner.

Kazuya, however, believes that Chizuru’s pleasant smile and caring nature is a trick to win his heart. He grades her poorly. Chizuru is furious and slams him. He also displays her hot temper and pert personality. This one-sided conversation is abruptly cut short when Kazuya discovers that his grandma has died.

They rush to the hospital and find Kazuya’s grandma in good health. She is confused by Chizuru’s appearance and wonders what this girl is. Kazuya claims that they are lovers, prompting Chizuru into the role. Kazuya is still haunted from his past love with Mami. How long can the tough client and reluctant rent girlfriend keep their act going?

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27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Keita Suminoe lost his mother, and his father married again, bringing two step-sisters to his life, twins Ako & Riko. However, their incestuous love for their younger brother has led to a long-running feud between the women.

Nearing the end of his middle school career Keita works hard to get into Ako and Riko’s high school. He must also reconcile his conflicting feelings for his siblings, and decide whether or not to accept their intimate advances. Keita is not the only one who longs after him. There’s no telling what the temptation will do to him.

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27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

In a civilized society with anthropomorphic animals, there is an unpleasant tension between herbivores and predators. After Tem, an alpaca from Cherryton Academy’s theater club, is predated upon, this mutual animosity boils over at Cherryton Academy. Tem’s grey wolf companion Legoshi has been living his whole life as a target for fear and suspicion. He continues to hide his terrifying features in the immediate aftermath of the disaster, much to Louis’ dismay, a red-deer and the drama club star actor.

Louis assigns Legoshi watch duty when he sneaks into theatre to train Tem’s replacement for upcoming productions. Legoshi meets Haru, a white dwarf rabbit that is feared by her peers, during a pivotal encounter that night. He is confused by Haru’s predatory tendencies and his growing feelings for Haru. This forces him to confront his true nature and the circumstances that led to his friend’s death.

Love and Lies (Koi To Uso)

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Japan devised “The Red Threads of Science”, a complex system to promote successful marriages and counter declining birth rates. The government assigns young people marriage partners at 16 years old based on compatibility calculations. Those who don’t comply with the arrangement face severe consequences. Yukari Nejima is an adolescent that considers himself to be ordinary in all aspects. He believes this may be his best chance of living a happy life.

Yukari however rejects the system, and declares his love to Misaki Takasaki, his long-time crush and classmate. After some resistance, Misaki reciprocates his feelings and has a passionate encounter with Yukari. Yukari is not allowed to continue their relationship after Yukari receives the marriage notification. His less-than-enthusiastic designated companion Ririna Sanada becomes obsessed with Yukari’s illicit affair and he is thrown into a maelstrom of deceit and love.

Sing “Yesterday” For Me

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Rikuo Uozumi, who graduated from college, has almost accepted a dark future. He works aimlessly in a Tokyo convenience store. When Haru Nonaka, an odd Haru, appears to disrupt his routine and drop by his job to make friends with him, Rikuo’s life becomes chaotic. Rikuo learns that Shinako Morinome is back in town and contacts him to keep their relationship going. Shinako on the other side is haunted by unpleasant memories from her past and is refusing to accept Rikuo’s thoughts. As Haru continues to openly communicate with Rikuo, Shinako realizes that she too lives alone and wants to leave her comfort zone for a better future.

While the future is unknown, the past can linger in our minds for a while. These three people discover the meaning of letting go of their past and accepting the changes that tomorrow will bring at a fork in their connected paths.

Eromanga Sensei

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Sagiri Izumi was a step-sibling, while Masamune Izumi was a step-sibling a year earlier. Their tragic loss of parents leaves their family broken. Sagiri is forced to live in isolation, cutting off her brother and society.

Masamune makes a living writing light novels while taking care of his family. One problem is that he has never met Eromanga, his famous illustrator who is known for drawing the most inappropriate erotica. He discovers his young sister was his companion throughout the whole time, after an embarrassing series of events.

As new characters and challenges emerge, Masamune must now work with Sagiri to tackle the light novel sector together. Eromanga Sensei follows the development of their relationship and their struggle to succeed. As Sagiri slowly emerges from her shell, will it take her long to reveal her true self to the rest of the globe?

School Days

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Makoto Itou is a freshman high school student who first meets Kotonoha Katsura during his second semester. He is instantly drawn to her beauty, but his shyness keeps him from approaching her even though he takes the same train every day. He secretly snaps a picture of her and makes it his wallpaper. This charm, if hidden, can help you to recognize your love. Sekai Saionji, an old classmate notices the photo and promises to help him get in touch with Kotonoha. He even made plans to befriend her. The three of them form an unexpected bond.

School Days follows three teenage teens as they navigate the trials and joys of adolescence. This story, rich and full of passion, will be a lasting memory.

Golden Time

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Banri Tada is amnesic after a devastating catastrophe erases his memories of his home and his history. After meeting Mitsuo Yanagisawa he decides that he will leave his hometown and begin a new life at Tokyo’s law school. Just as he is settling into college life the beautiful Kouko Kaga enters Banri’s life. This unexpected encounter marks the beginning of an unforgettable year.

After college, Banri realizes that he is now in a different place and in a different world. A place where he can be himself, make new friends and fall in love. As he discovers who he really is, the path he chose leads to an illuminatingly bright life that he will never forget.

Marmalade Boy

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Miki Koishikawa, a high school student, lives a simple lifestyle. Her routine life is about to change and she might not be able take on everything.

Her parents decided to divorce after a fun vacation in Hawaii. The poor little girl is shocked to learn that her parents will soon be remarrying, and she will also be swapping partners with another couple she met while on vacation. Miki is encouraged to offer the couple a chance, and to set up a dinner date for everyone to get her involved in this unexpected turn of events. Miki tried to be emotionally prepared for her new parents but she didn’t expect Matsuura Yuu to be there.

Miki is infatuated with Yuu. They quickly develop a close friendship that turns into a passionate affair that is difficult for them to handle. Their romance is not over, however. Both Miki and Yuu have their fans who work hard to keep them apart.


27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Yuzu Aihara was remarried by her mother during her freshman year in high school. She had to move to a new school. Yuzu, a fashionable socialite, has the opportunity to meet new people, fall in love and finally have a first kiss. Yuzu’s fashion sense and goals don’t fit with her new all-girls school. It is filled with submissive shut-ins, overachieving grade-skippers, and Yuzu has no choice but to be submissive. Mei Aihara is the handsome and powerful student council president who immediately begins to sensually touch Yuzu’s body to try to get her phone.

Yuzu, tired after her first day at work, returns home to find a shocking truth: Mei is now her step-sister! Yuzu begins to taunt Mei despite Yuzu’s best efforts. Yuzu cannot finish her sentence because Mei drags Yuzu to the ground and kisses it, despite her desperate efforts to escape. Yuzu looks on as Mei runs out of the room, wondering what happened to her first kiss and why her sister was so anxious.

Omiai Aite Wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki Na, Mondaiji. (My Matchmaking Partner is My Student and Troublemaker).

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Nano Saikawa, Teacher, has never given marriage much thought. However, her father’s friend asked her to meet his son Souichirou Takamiya for a marriage interview. After the interview, they spend the remainder of the day together. As they get to know each other better, Souichirou asks her for her hand in marriage. They end up sharing a bed and quickly get heated. She realizes that he isn’t Souichirou, but rather Souji Kuga, one of her troubled students.

Souji’s argument proves convincing. He disguised himself as Nano to be with his brother, knowing that he was Nano’s intended. He is also certain that their family will approve of their marriage. Nano does not want to be in an illegal relationship with a student. Is she able to resist his temptations, especially when her body starts to crave his?

A Town Where You Live (Kimi No Iru Machi).

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Haruto Kirishima lived in peace and quiet in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Yuzuki Eba, who had traveled from Tokyo to stay with her family, emerged suddenly in his life. He was captivated by their time together, and he has many unanswered queries.

Kimi no Iru Machi is born after Haruto moves to Tokyo to live and work as a chef. He really longs to be with Yuzuki. Things don’t go as planned. He is mistakenly identified as a burglar when he arrives and is attacked by Mishima Asuka, his sister’s neighbor next door. His feelings begin to fade as the misunderstanding is solved. Eba seems to be avoiding him for no apparent reason. Or is it Asuka?

Ichigo 100% (Strawberry 100%)

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Manaka Junpei is walking to school one day when he sees a beautiful girl falling from the roof. She accidentally displays her strawberry panties. Junpei is able to find out who the embarrassed girl is and she flees. He dreams of becoming a filmmaker and this whole scene seemed perfect for making a movie. He sets out to find the strawberry-colored girl and capture it all. He quickly learns that it’s not going to be easy to find that one girl.

True Tears

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Shinichirou Nakagami had the opportunity to live the life other young men could only dream about: with Hiromi Yuasa, a prodigal student. Hiromi, on the other hand has been miserable and cold at home ever since her mother’s death. Shinichirou is the target of irrational jealousy from his peers. However, stories begin to circulate about Shinichirou meeting Noe Isurugi, a girl who is notorious for cursing students and curses that always come to pass.

Noe curses Shinichirou too, but curses can create two pits. Shinichirou’s curse backfires when she becomes a raccoon to Raigomaru, her pet chicken. She doesn’t cry, even though she knows Noe has taken her tears. Shinichirou has a friend who can help Noe to shed his tears.

The Garden of Words

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Takao Akizuki is an aspiring shoemaker. He skips class to draw patterns in a beautiful Japanese garden. Yukari Yukino is a beautiful and mysterious woman that Takao first meets. Yukari continues to be contacted by Takao throughout the rainy seasons, offering to make her shoes. The two of them are able to overcome the difficulties in their hearts just by being together. Their troubles aren’t gone, but their relationship will be tested as the end approaches.

Netsuzou Trap (Netsuzou Trap -NTR-)

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Yuma Okazaki was a childhood friend, as were Hotaru Mizushina and Hotaru Mizushina. With their partners Takeda and Fujiwara, their lives could not be better. Their friendship is unbreakable, whether they are playing together at school or going on group outings.

Hotaru surprises everyone by making an unexpected move during one of the group dates. While Takeda, Fujiwara and Yuma are distracted, she begins massaging Yuma’s thighs. Yuma is taken aback by this strange gesture and retreats to the bathroom, where she is quickly followed by her attacker. Hotaru drags Yuma into the locked cubicle, whispering into her ear: “You’ll feel more scared with a boy; let me help you practice.”

Girlfriend or Girlfriend

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

After Saki Saki, his childhood friend, finally accepts one of his many admissions, Naoya is having the time and happiness of his life. He does everything possible to show affection to his partner and ensures their long-lasting relationship.

After months of planning, Nagisa Minase, another girl, unexpectedly confides to Naoya in one afternoon. Despite his polite rejection, Nagisa’s charm and persistence continue to seduce Naoya. Naoya has the wild idea of dating both Saki and Nagisa simultaneously, both women fully aware. This unusual arrangement eventually leads to hilarious and bizarre circumstances that keep their unconventional relationship alive.

Nisekoi (False Love)

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Raku Ichijou, the sole heir of a yakuza clan and a Bonyari High School first-year student, is Raku Ichijou. Raku made a promise to his childhood friend ten years ago. Raku only owns a pendant that has a lock that can only be opened with the key the girl brought with her when they parted.

He’s now a normal adolescent, who wants to avoid any involvement in his yakuza history. Instead, he spends his school days with Kosaki Onodera, his middle school crush. Raku’s romantic fantasies of a happy marriage are crushed when the American Bee Hive Gang invades their territory. To reduce the friction between his rival gangs, he pretends to be in a relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki’s beautiful daughter, the Bee Hive chief. Reality is not as simple as that. Raku and Chitoge aren’t in love at first glance. The girl believes he’s a weak pushover. Chitoge, on the other hand, is as attractive as a vicious gorilla to Raku.

Nisekoi documents the day-to-day antics of a mismatched couple who are forced to live together in a false relationship to protect the city. Raku meets many more girls and discovers that they all have a connection to his past. His search for the woman who will hold his heart and fulfill his promise leads him on unexpected roads.

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Ore no kanojo to osananajimi ga shuraba sugiru (Oreshura)

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Eita Kidou was infected by his parents and became skeptical about love. Eita has no desire for romance and focuses all of his high school career on academics to become a doctor.

Eita’s disinterest was quickly discovered by Masuzu Natsukawa, a well-liked and charming man. Eita is tired of being the object of devotion from other people and urges him to pretend that he is her lover, as she too is repulsed at the idea of love. Eita, on the other hand refuses to do so. But Masuzu has another trick up her sleeves: She will steal Eita’s journal and threaten to publish embarrassing material online if he doesn’t agree.

Eita’s life is turned upside down when she gets involved in a fake romance with the most desirable girl at school. He must deal with the new relationship, all its complications and envy from his classmates.

KimiKiss: Pure Rouge

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Mao Mizusawa is a childhood friend to Kazuki Aihara and Kouichi Snada. He has now returned to Japan, after having spent a few years living in France. Kouichi is shocked to learn that his mother, who lives in France, has allowed Mao to stay with her parents for the moment. Through high school romance, the three friends support each other.

My First Girlfriend is a Gal

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Junichi Hashiba invites Yukana Yame out to dinner after his twisted friends set up a prank in an effort to disguise the fact that he is a hopeless virgin. Yukana Yame, Yukana’s girlfriend, is disgusted by Junichi’s incessant groveling. After a series taunting comments, Yukana Yame begins to bond with Junichi and, surprise, accepts his confession.

Hajimete No Gal follows Junichi as Junichi struggles with his self-confidence, controls his sexual urges, and is forced into a new school full of wild girls and unpredictable mayhem.

Welcome to The N.H.K.

27 Animes Like Domestic Girlfriend

Tatsuhiro Satou is a twenty-two year-old college dropout who has been a hikikomori almost four years. He has become isolated and believes in many conspiracy theories. However, one theory is certain: the Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai (N.H.K.) is the evil conspirator behind his NEET status. ), an evil, secret organization that promotes hikikomori culture.

N.H.K. N.H.K. Tatsuhiro is an emotional dramedy about Tatsuhiro’s attempts to escape the N.H.K. and the disease self-induced isolation. He also attempts to leave his apartment to find work. Tatsuhiro’s unexpected encounter with Misaki Nakahara might indicate a turning point, but this encounter comes with the inevitable consequence of having to face his greatest fear–society.

That’s it folks! This list doesn’t include all ecchi animation. This is because the 27 anime recommendations for Domestic Girlfriend are not based on fan service, but on the feelings. Did we miss your favorite romantic comedy anime? Please let us know which one you like so that I can review them if they are similar to Domestic Girlfriend.

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