Black Clover Chapter 357 is all set to be published next week and here are the details you need to know about the upcoming Chapter.

After the success of Narutodragon ball, and Gintamamany believed that Black Clover would be the next good thing in the Shounen genre.

Manga fans might have an interest to know about Black Clover’s release schedule, as Yuki Tabata is now working on the final arc of the series. Therefore, below you’ll find a list of all the latest information we have about the upcoming chapter of Black Clover.

Black Clover Chapter 357 release is scheduled for April 2023. Fans can read the manga on Shueisha and Viz Media’s MANGA Plus and Shonen Jump apps respectively.

Yuno demonstrates his new spell Neverland in the final chapter, which allows him to control time passing and magic. He is in a position to do this to make his allies’ spells stronger and his enemies’ spells weaker.

After that, Lucius failed to catch Yuno, and as a result, Yuno started his attack. If you have been following the manga and are interested in the upcoming release date of chapter 357, then you have come to the right place.

Here in this article, we will cover everything to do with ‘Black Clover Chapter 357’, including the release date, recap, and what to expect from the upcoming chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 357 Release Date: When is it Coming?

Next week, Black Clover is scheduled to take a break. The majority of fans around the globe are most likely looking forward to the release of Black Clover chapter 357 on Sunday, April 16th.

This chapter will be available to readers in Japan on Monday, April 17th, at 12am JST. Consequently, the release date and time will vary depending on the time zone.

Fans can watch Black Clover chapter 357 on the MANGA Plus app published by Shueisha and the Shonen Jump app published by Viz Media. Fans can read every chapter of the manga series using the first option.

Readers should remember that they can only access certain chapters once. Otakus can read as many of the first and last three chapters of the Black Clover manga series as they want on the Shonen Jump app.

Black Clover Chapter 356 recap

Black Clover Chapter 357
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In Black Clover chapter 356, entitled “Neverland,” the Magic Knights struggle against the guardian angel Lucius because none of their spells are effective against them.

Neverland. Sol’s spell unexpectedly gains power, and Sylph explains that this is the result of Juno’s star magic fusing with her own wind magic.

Star x Wind Spirit Magic: Neverland is the name of the spell. This is a subspace where Yuno has influence over the movement of time and magic, making his allies more powerful and his opponents more vulnerable.

As Lucius attempts to catch Yuno in a time magic spell at just the right moment, Neverland resists the spell, and time stops.

Therefore, the previous believes that Yuno is his opponent, while the latter perceives Asta as his rival and uses the Spirit of Zephyr to cut off one of Lucius’ horns.

What Should Be Anticipated From Black Clover Chapter 357?

Black Clover Chapter 357
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In Black Clover chapter 357, Yuno and Lucius will likely continue their battle from the previous chapter. Yuno cuts off one of Lucius’ horns with his Spirit of Zephyr as the latter begins to regard the previous as his natural competitor.

The implications of Yuno’s actions and how it may affect Lucius’ status as a paladin may be revealed in later chapters.

While it seems unlikely that the manga will focus on that, the proven fact that writer Yuki Tabata chose to have Yuno demonize Lucius early in the fight suggests the incident will impact the plot in later chapters.

The Black Bulls and Asta have not arrived on the battlefield yet, so there’s still a lot that could occur before the battle is over.

More About Black Clover Manga

Black Clover Chapter 357
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The story of Black Clover centers on Asta, an anti-magic user who dreams of becoming the most powerful wizard in the world despite the proven fact that he cannot use magic at all.

Asta unexpectedly manages to get his hands on a five leaf clover grimoire, giving him access to anti-magic powers.

Black Clover is the ideal manga to fulfill your demand for shounen anime if you like action and motivational scenes somewhat similar to those in Naruto. Black Clover would be the next ideal anime series for you as it involves magic and sometimes hilarious antics.

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