Black Clover Chapter 357 is all set for release next week and here are the details you need to know about the upcoming chapter.

In the previous Black Clover chapter, Yuno demonstrated his newly developed Neverland enchantment, which allows him to affect time movement and magic.

This allows him to enhance his allies’ spells while weakening his enemies’ spells. After that, Lucius tries to frame Yuno, but in vain, and Yuno launches his attack.

When is Black Clover Chapter 357 Release Date?

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The expected Black Clover chapter 357 is scheduled to be available to most of the fans around the globe on Sunday, April 16, 2023.

This chapter will be available in Japan on Monday, April 17th, at 12:00 PM JST. As a result, the release time and date will fluctuate depending on the time zone.

What can we expect from Black Clover Chapter 357?

Black Clover Chapter 357
Borneo update

The conflict between Yuno and Lucius will possibly continue in Black Clover chapter 357. Yuno uses his Spirit of Zephyr to cut off part of Lucius’ horns as the latter begins to regard the previous as his inevitable rival.

As a result, later chapters might reveal the implications of Yuno’s actions and how they will change Lucius’ status as a paladin.

While the chances of the manga concentrating on it seem slim, the indisputable fact that Mangaka Yuki Tabata chose to have Yuno damage Lucius early in the battle suggests the incident will have ramifications in later chapters.

Also, the Black Bulls and Asta have not appeared on the battlefield yet, implying that there is still far more to occur before the fight is over.

What’s the Recap of Black Clover chapter 356 like?

Black Clover Chapter 357
Borneo update

The Magic Knights battle against the guardian angel Lucius in Black Clover chapter 356, which is called ‘Black Clover Chapter 256: Neverland’ because none of their spells have proven successful against them.

Sol’s spell abruptly becomes more powerful, which Sylph says is because of the combination of his unique Wind Power and Yuno’s Star Power.

Star x Wind Spirit Magic: Neverland is the name of a robust and invincible spell. It is a subspace where Yuno can manipulate movement magic and time, aiding his allies and damaging his foes.

Lucius attempts to catch Yuno in a Time Magic Spell at the time, but time stops at Neverland, breaking Lucius’ spell. Therefore, the previous sees Yuno as his enemy, while the latter only believes Asta as his opponent and uses the Spirit of Zephyr to cut off one of Lucius’ horns.

Black Clover chapter 357 *Spoiler Alert!*

Black Clover Chapter 357

Jack the Ripper was killed in Black Clover chapter 357, according to the spoilers circulating. Many admirers are divided as to whether or not he’s still alive.

While Jack could return as a Paladin in the next chapter, we’ll must wait and see what the realities are.

Morgen, on the other hand, states in Black Clover chapter 357 that people will be reborn, implying that Jack might return. It was astonishing to see Mereoleona go up against Morris and Yuno go up against Lucius.

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