When is Dandadan Chapter 101 Coming? Well, Dandadan chapter 101 will be released in the 18th edition of Weekly Shonen Jump published by Shueisha.

The next chapter of the manga will be available to read in April 2023. Dandadan fans worldwide have the opportunity to read the chapter in digital form provided by official online manga distributors such as Viz Media and Shueisha.

After the tragic events that happened at the end of chapter 100, “Close the Gate”, it’s likely that Momo will enter her combat stance in chapter 101.

Fans will see Momo wreak havoc on the aliens in the coming chapters as a result of Serpo’s absence and Vamola’s death.

If you have been following the manga and are interested in the upcoming release date of chapter 101 then you have come to the right place.

Here in this article, we will cover everything to do with ‘Dandadan Chapter 101’, including the release date, recap, and what to expect from the upcoming chapter.

Dandadan Chapter 101 Release Date: When Is It Coming?


Chapter 101 of the Dandadan manga will be available to read on April 9, 2023. Dandadan chapter 101 will be available in an exclusive capacity to fans from other parts of the world on the official Shueisha and Viz Media websites, in addition to on the Shonen Jump+ app and the MangaPlus app.

Recap Dandadan Chapter 100

Dandadan Chapter 101

The chances of Momo and Serpo successfully completing what they’ve to do are low as a result of an alien presence in the forest that leads to the portal, and it’s practically impossible for them to escape the area alive.

However, the latter says that their only chance to stop the portal lies in removing the nut from the teleporter.

However, unexpectedly, a huge alien machine with giant fan attachments attacks the two people by sucking up everything around them and their environment.

Momo and Serpo are separated by three humanoids, who quickly attack him at close range. Also, Momo defeats them both by releasing her Ki. Momo is protected from the aliens by Serpo, who then instructs her to use the same method on the remaining aliens.

Serpo was seriously injured when one of the massive machine projectiles hit him. Momo is under siege without Serpo’s help.

Despite his best efforts, the latter is unable to defeat the alien using his remaining Ki. Vamola unexpectedly enters the battle in his Kaiju suit and sends a right hook to the alien machine.

The Vamola put up a valiant fight against the aliens, almost tipping the balance on the human side of the conflict.

One of the humanoids received a special tool from the leader of the aliens, and he used it to constrain Vamola’s Kaiju suit and shrink it to its true size. Vamola was stabbed by the leader after he removed him from the suit. Momo thanks Vamola before he’s impaled.

What To Anticipate From Dandadan Chapter 101?

Dandadan Chapter 101

Momo comes to the conclusion that Vamola never intended for him, Okarun, and the others to betray them after seeing Vamola take sides of the land and the people living on it.

Momo will become irritated and turn to her aggressive side as a result of Vamola being stabbed by one of the aliens in hopes of helping humanity. Dandadan fans have seen Momo get angry before, but this time it is going to be different.

The upcoming episode is anticipated to feature Momo learning a new technique, similar to how Jiji and Okarun recently displayed an uncommon talent. It’s likely that Momo’s new skill is a combination of her superhuman strength and spiritual awareness.

Kinta and Okarun were anticipated to join in, while Aira, Momo, Jiji and Mr. Shrimp are approaching their natural limits.

More About Manga Dandadan

Dandadan Chapter 101
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Dandadan is an action-comedy manga that follows the lives of two teenagers as they get entangled in supernatural occurrences.

In middle school, Ayase was known to be cool and popular, while Takakura was known as a closed bookworm. But even although Ayase believes in ghosts and Takakura believes in aliens, the two have a big fight about them.

They have the courage to prove that their separate arguments are accurate, which leads them to discover that ghosts and aliens in fact exist. Their lives are unexpectedly at risk as they’re thrust into a supernatural world.

Dandadan, which is arguably the biggest manga currently serialized without an anime adaptation, has gained an enormous following for its cute, fashionable characters and mind-blowing action scenes.

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