One Punch Man Chapter 182 Final Explanation: The ending of Tatsumaki’s fight with Saitama was shown for the first time in One Punch Man chapter 182, which was recently made available to readers.

It was too late for him when he realized he had made a mistake calculating the power output. After that, he tries to send Saitama into space, but his weakness forces him to pass out before he succeeds.

Tatsumaki has a childhood flashback when he was cold. He remembers the day he tried to save Fubuki from Tsukuyomi, which earned him his ability.

The Cloaked Head does have a tactical benefit as Tatsumaki’s eyes are blinded by Saitama’s bald head when he finally awakens.

Fans also watched as Tatsumaki listened to Saitama because of how strong he was compared to him. Tatsumaki cannot get away from the proven fact that he and Blast share several traits in common.

He consequently accepts Saitama’s proposal to have the Blizzard group serve Fubuki. Continue reading this post to find out about what happened in chapter 182 and about the ending of “One Punch Man Chapter 182.”

One Punch Man Chapter 182 recap


The Hero’s Association deals with the vibes going on around A-city as One Punch Man chapter 182, titled Unascertained, begins.

Forte, who is currently hospitalized, makes the decision to take action if monsters are the source of the tremors as they get worse.

Opening the window, he witnessed Saitama slam into the hospital building. Saitama inquires about Forte’s injuries and suggests he rest in bed before setting off.

When the Blizzard team arrived at the battle site, they were shocked to see the extent of devastation caused by Tatsumaki unleashing his powers. One of the group members then noticed something shocking when they looked into their watches.

After that, however, attention turns to the fight, and we watch as Tatsumaki gasps for breath as he engages in battle with Saitama. He is the one who intends to put Saitama to the test, but his output limits are set incorrectly.

Tatsumaki then attempted to imprison Saitama by twisting the ground beneath him, but Saitama was able to escape easily and without taking any damage.

Saitama begs Tatsumaki to stop himself from pushing himself after noticing that he was starting to stumble. This offends Tatsumaki, who intends to use his esper skills to launch him into space. He could only lift it off the ground.

Tatsumaki falls unconscious as he continues to fight Saitama and thinks about his time with Blast. She attempted to save Fubuki from Tsukuyomi after he urged her to stand up for her family.

But when Fubuki witnesses Tatsumaki fighting the group, he accidentally uses his esper powers out of fear for his older sister.

One Punch Man Chapter 182 Ending Explained

One Punch Man Chapter 182

At the end of chapter 182, Tatsumaki makes several attempts to question Blast for some clarification; however, Blast is nowhere to be found.

She urges Tatsumaki to live a life befitting her, but if she feels the need to go over to the wrong side of the law, she is instructed to watch out not to damage anyone’s property.

When Fubuki arrived, he patted his head and left. The Blizzard Group has been disbanded by Fubuki after hearing Tatsumaki’s suggestion, but they follow him to Tatsumaki’s location anyway.

Just as Tatsumaki is about to attack him yet one more time, Fubuki steps in to defend him. Saitama then asks Tatsumaki to allow the Blizzard group to stay with Fubuki.

Even although they were currently weak, it was impossible to foretell when they would get stronger. Tatsumaki stops Fubuki when he hears her request, allowing the Blizzard group to yet again serve their master.

Just before the chapter ends, Tatsumaki delivers a new threat to the Blizzard gang and warns Saitama that he will be subjected to another unforeseen test in the future.

Saitama has absolutely little interest in participating in it. When members of the Blizzard group saw something unforeseen earlier and told Fubuki about it, the Blizzard group was confused about how Saitama could persuade Tatsumaki.

As a result, the confrontation between Tatsumaki and Saitama came to a halt in One Punch Man chapter 182 when Tatsumaki ended up exceeding his production limit.

Tatsumaki even acknowledges Saitama’s request in the chapter, indicating that he’s starting to admire Saitama’s strength. This implies that viewers will likely see the two heroes working together in the future.

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