Are you enthusiastic about the release of Spy X Family Chapter 79? Well, we are here for you. Fans are quite interested in learning what will occur next in the next chapter of the series after getting a deeper look into Sylvia Sherwood’s life in the previous episode.

If you have been following Endou Tatsuya’s excellent and original romance manga series since its first chapter was published, or if you have just caught on after watching all the episodes of the anime and wondering when the next chapter of the manga will be available to read, you have come to the right place. to get all the information you need about the upcoming chapter 79.

Today, we’ll be telling you when the upcoming SPY-FAMILY Chapter 79 will be published, what it is about, are there any spoilers available about it, and where you can read it online. But first, let’s see what really happened in the previous chapter.

Spy x Family Chapter 78 recap

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The previous chapter 78 of “Spy x Family” started with Sylvia, who was sleeping in her house at the time. The room is a complete mess, as can be seen. Sylvia swiftly reset her alarm so her dog could wake her up in a few hours, then quickly fell back asleep.

The action switches to Westalis Wmbassy in Ostania, where Secretary Sherwood is talking to his co-workers. While others commented on his uncommon appearance.

In the next part of the chapter, Sylvia uses the elevator to go all the way down to WISE’s office, where she is seen talking to a member of her staff. From her teammates, Sylvia heard a number of current reports.

After some time had passed, a WISE agent came and yelled at Sylvia, asking how many times she had to ask her to stop leaving her half-empty coffee cup and half-eaten donut lying around the office.

He claims that this is a serious hygiene issue as they can spread rats all over the office as a result.

When Sylvia told the man he needed to calm down as he did not have time for each little thing, he responded by suggesting he should at least refrain from drinking any more coffee when he already had a cup mainly full of it.

Later, when one of Sylvia’s subordinates asked if she wanted to have lunch with them, she politely declined the offer and explained that she had to go home because she had to walk her dog.

Back at her house, Sylvia summons her dog Aaron so the two of them can take a walk, which is in fact a chance to meet Twilight in secret.

Aaron, Sylvia’s dog, came to her with great joy; however, he tripped over a piece of paper and hit his head on a close by desk.

As Sylvia starts cleaning, she has flashbacks of her daughter and an unknown man, and she explains that the house used to be much more orderly when she had someone with her. He later apologized to Aaron and claimed that this was all his fault.

Spy x Family Chapter 79 Release Date

Spy x Family Chapter 79
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The release date of the upcoming Spy x Family Chapter 79 is set for April 16, 2023. With new episodes continuously being published, the Spy x Family anime is currently amongst the most popular.

One of the main factors for the success of the Spy x Family manga may be its interesting plot, which makes readers look for Chapter 79.

What To Expect From Spy x Family Chapter 79?

Spy x Family Chapter 79
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There are currently no confirmed spoilers for the upcoming Spy x Family Chapter 79, but it seems that Sylvia will play a bigger role in the development of the story.

Plus, it is more likely that Sylvia and Twilight will meet up in the next book and discuss some important tidbits with regard to their latest operation.

Also, in the flashbacks that Sylvia gets with her daughter and an unknown partner, we can predict that we are going to also meet them again in later chapters.

Where Can You Read Spy X Family Chapter 79?

Spy x Family Chapter 79
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You can read the upcoming Spy x Family Chapter 79 by visiting the official websites of its base distributors, Manga Plus and Viz Media. The manga can even be accessed via their free smartphone app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.

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