Top 3 Unique Fictional Anime That You Must Watch! Currently, anime has become one of the choices for entertainment. That’s because of the fictional stories that the creators present to the audience and at the same time some supernatural stories or super powers that give a distinctive plot.

Talking about any anime that’s very famous for its superpowers and a few unique concepts related to the story, there are many them here to watch. So here are the top 3 unique anime with fictional stories here for you:

Top 3 Unique Fictional Anime That You Must Watch!

03. My Hero Academy

It was released on 3 April 2016 under a UK network called Animax, it came with an adventure and science fantasy. It also deals with the superhero theme written by Yosuke Kuroda.

The story is a few world full of superpowers known as Quirks. It has become a common place for superpowers and carries the story of Izuku Midoriya.

He does not have any powers but still, but he dreams of becoming one of the superheroes. He was scouted by one of Japan’s greatest heroes named All Might.

He leads Izuku to recognize his potential and enroll in a prestigious superhero highschool and his training.

02. Parasites


This is probably the greatest Japanese sci-fi anime that has a sense of horror. If we speak about horror then it consists of some thrillers and also some kind of body horror.

It is related to a 17 year old highschool student named Shinichi Izumi. He lives with his mother and father in a city in Japan. One day a warm alien has arrived on earth and enters the human body through the ears and nose.

In an try to do so, one of the parasites tries to enter Izumi’s nose but fails. He wanted to enter through her arm but, then, he failed. As the story progresses, the two of them become good friends and name the parasite, Migi.

01. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is yet one more epic in terms of gore as it brings adventure with a dash of violence. It is available on English-language networks such as Adult Swim and TV5 with all seasons and film versions.

It tells the story of a world that takes place after Nevergear, a game, is released. This has left the opportunity for virtual reality utterly.

Coming to Sword Art Online is among the newest games which is a gateway to a medieval landscape where users can have quite a lot of access with imagination.

It later became a nightmare when thousands of players were trapped in the game. The only way to get out of this game is to beat all 100 difficult levels.

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