Top 3 Underrated Anime Characters: There are many anime in the world that are very famous for their characters. Some are very determined while others are stubborn and stubborn.

Talking about anime characters who are quite different from others as a result of their determination and hard work and calm and come life, here are some gifts for you:

These are the Top 3 Underrated Anime Characters of All Time!

03. Grisha Jaeger (Attack on Titan)

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Being one of the Elder Restoration Masters, Grisha was a doctor who hailed from Marley. As well as being calm, collected, and delicate, he’s known for his stubbornness and determination, which can be seen through his lines:

“Eren! You will understand the truth one day if you visit dungeons! It will be a hard and painful journey… but you have to make it! If you want to save Mikasa, Armin and the others… you must learn to control this ability!”

With a position of lack of self-awareness, she usually fails to see the approaching consequences as a result of the actions she takes, sending her into a sticky situation.

02.Haku (Naruto)

Haku (Naruto)

Acting as one of the influential characters in Naruto, Haku is also seen as a supporting antagonist in Land Of Waves. One of the best abilities a person has ever possessed is to be like him, which is to create a mirror image of himself so that opponents can never detect him.

With numerous techniques, Haku has a determined nature that can’t be ignored as seen through his dialogue: “There is only one person who means something to me and I live to protect and serve him, that is my goal.”

Haku is from the Yuki Clan, forced into hiding because his relatives suffered from civil war. He had a really difficult life because he had seen his mother die and that was the reason why growing up as an orphan allowed him to live on the streets and struggle to survive every day.

01. Neji Hyūga (Boruto)

Neji Hyūga (Boruto)

Neji is a shinobi from Konohagakure’s Hyuga Clan who sacrificed his life for Naruto and Hinata, his cousin.

Appearing at first as a kind and smiling person, Neji changed very quickly with his father’s death and started to act serious and cold but more mature than before.

Initially, believing that everybody and their destiny is determined from the moment they’re born but then all of that was lost with time when he gained experience from Naruto and believed that one makes their destiny as they wish.

Thinking of himself as a rare talent causes plenty of trouble as a result of his arrogant nature, considering everybody to be weaker than him.

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