Top 3 INFJ Anime Characters INFJs, people who are judgmental and introverted at the same time, are quite common in the entertainment world. And if we discuss the animation or anime section then it remains probably the most loved sections.

Talking about characters that fall into the same category and are loved by certain audiences, here are the top three names presented to you:

Here Are the Top 3 INFJ Anime Characters to Watch Out For!

3. Johan Liebert (Monster)

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The main antagonist of Giant manga and anime series, in addition to the unnamed main antagonist of the light novel sequel Another Monster, is Johan Liebert.

Johan is a sociopathic serial killer who was killed as a boy by Kenzo Tenma. Besides, Nina Fortner’s twin sister is her.

Johan has stated that his only real goal is to be the last person alive when the world ends, but after rediscovering a young adult book that seems to have significance in his past, he shifts his focus and decides to commit to “the perfect suicide,” ” meaning to die without any physical remains (presumably apart from Dr. Tenma’s memories of him, to undermine Tenma’s faith in humanity).

2. Ayane Yano (Kimi ni Todoke)

Ayane Yano (Kimi ni Todoke)
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One of the brightest characters in the series is Ayane. He is a level-headed tactician who can easily read people’s intentions and take advantage of that knowledge.

On the other hand, he provided just enough detail to leave friend and foe alike in the dark and compel them to move on.

She is usually considered passionate, and strong-willed, but also cold and calculating, much like an INFJ.

Most people still consider it far away. He is viewed as “mature”, “on a different level” from most of his peers, and “cool” by many of his classmates.

Unfortunately, some people mistake her maturity for her amazing looks in inappropriate sexual environment.

Ayane often gets angry when people do not understand her personality, such as when she gets angry after learning about it.

1. Ai Hayasaka (Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai)

Ai Hayasaka (Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai)

Despite her youth, Ai can quickly switch between multiple personalities to suit different events and situations. He has four distinct identities, each of which has a different origin and upbringing in addition to serving a special role.

In her school camouflage version, she is a fashion-conscious schoolgirl with a penchant for breaking the rules and her agility is her trademark.

The anti-Miyuki version, Haysaca-chan, is a doe-eyed man-eater who picks up men in Roppongi and Azabu and leads them around. Haysaca-chan is the anti-Miyuki version.

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