The 3 Best Adult and Relaxed Anime Characters of All Time! There are several characters present in the Anime who have remained the easygoing people of all time. Their calm and at the same time maturity at such an early age is something that catches the eye of the viewers.

And for the same reason they can relate to these characters and want to find descriptions there. So without further delay, here are the top 3 anime characters that fall into the mature and easy-going category:

Here’s a List of 3 Mature and Relaxed Anime Characters of All Time!

03. Kaname Isaki (Nahi no Asukara)


Kaname is a reasonably easy-going guy who likes to go with the flow of events. Kaname generally dislikes unnecessary conflict, but sometimes grumbles when Hikari insists on doing something and moves aggressively. He does not often reveal his true emotions to people.

Being one of Shioshishio’s four childhood friends, he’s quiet and mature for his age, and is Hikari’s best friend. He has a robust affection for Chisaki and is drawn to her.

Kaname fell off the boat while helping Chisaki save Tsumugu Kihara, and through the Ofunehiki festival, he fell asleep.

02. Youko Nakajima (Twelve Kingdoms)

Youko Nakajima
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Youko Nakajima, a 16-year-old Japanese honors student, lives a typical life. He is the son of Masashi and Ritsuko Nakajima.

Her main concern is that she has naturally red hair and that she has strange and recurring dreams. When a large bird attacks her school and a man named Keiki unexpectedly appears at her feet, pledging her allegiance and offering protection, she reluctantly takes his word for it. She received a sword from him and was delivered to the Kou Kingdom after crossing the Void Sea and the Twelve Kingdoms.

Youko is initially confused by the modifications made to her, such as the whole transformation of her appearance and her estrangement in a foreign country with no way of returning home.

01. Armin Arlelt (Attack on Titan)

Armin Arlelt

A soldier of the Scout Regiment named Armin Arlelt is among the story’s two deuteragonists and a childhood friend of Mikasa Ackermann and Eren Jaeger.

His strategic intelligence and brilliance made him a crucial asset, even although he seemed to be the physically weakest member of the 104th Cadet Corps. However, he doesn’t view himself that way, and is infamous for having low self-esteem.

Throughout his years of training and instantly after graduation, Armin’s self-esteem remains low. Due to his lack of physical prowess and skills, Armin considers his current self to be useless and a burden.

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