3 Most Underrated Diverse Anime Characters of All Time! There are several introverted characters in anime who remain diversified in nature. But at the same time it cannot shine in front of the main character of the different aspects of the series.

Talking about it then we cannot forget some of the variety that exists in some anime characters who are still underrated but at the same time loved by certain audience groups.

So here are three diversified characters that are underrated in anime presented to you:

Here’s a List of 3 Most Underrated Diverse Anime Characters of All Time!

3. Shinya Hiragi (Seraph of the End)

The anime series titled Seraph of the End contains a supporting character named Shinya Hragi, he fights from a distance and shut with his sniper rifle, which is loaded with the demon Byakkomaru.

He is a Major General in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Guren and his team are good friends with Shinya, and through them he helps in their fight against the vampire lords in Nagoya.

He is tolerant and kind, but he also has a practical nature that doesn’t stem from malice. Shinya has repeatedly stated that he would sooner shoot his allies than capture them and be brought back to where he believed they would be tortured.

2. Van Hohenheim (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Van Hohenheim (Fullmetal Alchemist)
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Van Hohenheim, also known as Hohenheim of Light, in the 2003 anime series, is Edward and Alphonse Elric’s estranged father and a seemingly powerful alchemist.

Hohenheim reappears during the series to make amends for his enigmatic past, although abruptly disappears during childhood.

She is a really polite and soft-hearted person, typical of the infj, who is prepared to give compliments but hates to receive them. Hohenheim seems to don’t have any concern for his safety, let alone his dignity, as he views himself as a monster as a result of his transformation into the Human Philosopher’s Stone.

1. Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats)

Kanade Tachibana
Kanade Tachibana Wiki Anime Amino

Kanade Tachibana is among the students at Afterlife school who is rumored to be the Student Council President.

She is also known as Angel by Afterlife BattleFront, a moniker created by Hideki Hinata and later used by the group’s leader Yuri Nakamura to refer to Kanade after learning of her uncommon abilities.

He barely displays visible emotion, making it hard to tell what he is thinking. It is also impossible to tell if he’s conscious as a result of his lack of emotion, but he’s shown to be extremely brilliant as he can use the Angel Player program to create weapons and supply incredible defenses on himself.

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