Top 3 Unique Anime Characters of All Time! There are several characters in anime that are known for their variety and uniqueness. And because of the common theme and recognition amongst fans this character counts well.

Some are related to one of the famous anime from around the globe while others may be taken for granted but became famous because of a certain character.

So to present the better of all unique anime characters here are the top 3:

These Are the 3 Best Unique Anime Characters of All Time!

03. Chise Hatori (Bride of the Ancient Witch)

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Chise appears to be a typical teenager, even though she has social anxiety from being teased by other kids her age and has a shy and obedient nature. He also has a bent to get connected to other people easily, particularly those who are nice to him.

However, this appearance hides a compassionate and brave core that wants to go above and beyond to help others, even at the expense of himself.

She has little self-defence early on and will prioritize the health of others before her own. He sometimes uses magic in haste, tiring himself out.

Despite her lack of self-confidence, Chise is a really committed student and student. He is also very brilliant, if a bit naive.

02. Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass)

Akane Tsunemori
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In Psycho-Pass, Akane serves as both the main character and the viewpoint. In Psycho-Pass 2, he played the main protagonist, and in Psycho-Pass 3, he played a “behind the scenes force”.

He was ultimately arrested after an incident when he was accused of endangering public safety.

At the time of her enlistment, Tsunemori appeared shy, innocent, and very idealistic. He struggles with the meaning of his existence, which is uncommon for other characters.

But over time, Tsunemori established herself as a wise, perceptive, patient, and kind Inspector. She is generally polite and thoughtful, but she can even be stubborn, offended or angry when someone does something she does not approve of.

01. Naomi Misora ​​(Death Note)

Naomi Misora
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Former FBI agent Naomi is now engaged to Raye. He decides to find Raye’s killer once he dies. The FBI hired Misora ​​in September 2001.

Naomi rises quickly to the rank of special agent, uncommon for a working woman. On August 22, 2002, Misora ​​arrested the man responsible for the “Los Angeles BB Serial Murder Case.” In October 2003, Misora ​​resigned from the FBI and began dating Penber. Misora ​​​​and Penber intended to marry, emigrate to the US and have a family.

Before he died, Penber told Misora ​​in his hotel room that they were going to Japan to see Misora’s parents and that he should not get too involved in her investigation because he cared about Misora.

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