Undead Unluck Chapter 154 is all set for release in April 2023. Since Undead Unluck chapter 153, titled Fair Play, was published on April 2nd, fans have been patiently waiting for the next chapter.

They are very excited to read about the new adventure that awaits them in the next chapter of the series, so they can get to it as soon as possible.

Readers of Undead Unluck observe Nico’s astral form suffers Unluck’s blow while his physical body remains unhurt in chapter 153 of the series.

This resulted in the destruction of the Disc and the whole island. The chapter was drawing to a close, with Billy, Creed, and Tella officially signed to the Union.

As a result of the entire event, the plot has advanced to a really advanced stage, and fans should not miss any chapter from here on out. The next part will also include an interesting narrative.

So, without further delay, let’s dive in and find out everything we know so far about Chapter 154 of manga Undead Unluck including the release date, recap, storyline and all other related updates before the chapter is released.

Undead Unluck Chapter 154 Release Date


It’s safe to say that Undead Unluck is probably the most underappreciated manga titles currently enjoying a surge in popularity because of the fascinating storyline and noteworthy character designs it delivers.

Manga readers praised most of the chapters and compared them to some of the best manga series of this generation.

Undead Unluck Chapter 154 is scheduled to be published on April 9th, while the exact time will vary depending on the time zone. The Undead Unluck series, episodes of which are being released one after another, is currently probably the most popular.

One of the main reasons the series has been able to garner such popularity is its intriguing plot, which prompts readers to look up Undead Unluck Chapter 154.

What Happened In Undead Unluck Chapter 153?

Undead Unlucky Chapter 154
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After she won the match, Fuuko came to the conclusion that Billy, like Sean, had awakened Unfair as a result of the new circumstances.

The void is cut when Billy is asked if he wants to join the Union saying that Misfortune caused Disc to fall on top of Nico as a result of the Nostalgia Bullet’s effect.

In this chapter, everybody works together to stop Disc from killing Nico. Billy and Tella also attended and got in on the action. Then, Misfortune attacks Nico’s astral body, wiping out the Disc and the whole island while his physical body remains safe.

Fuuko expressed regret over the incident, but Nico brushed it off. This section concludes with Billy, Creed, and Tella officially becoming members of the Union. Fuuko then reveals that their next goal is the room to save Phil from the predicament he’s in.

What Should Be Anticipated From Undead Unluck Chapter 154?

Undead Unlucky Chapter 154
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After the formation of the Union with three additional members to the team — specifically, Billy, Creed, and Tella — Fuuko indicated that their next destination would be outer space in an effort to save Phil from the trauma he had endured.

The upcoming episodes are expected to be thrilling and action-packed with a decent helping of humour. Following The Union and observing the battle to save Phil, the fourth member of the Round Table and a negotiator who goes by the name Unfeel will be very interesting.

Where Can You Read Undead Unluck Manga?

Undead Unlucky Chapter 154

Undead Unluck chapter 154, like previous chapters, will be released in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

All of the chapters are available to read online on the Shonen Jump+ app and Shueisha’s MANGA Plus website.

Since the manga is published on two different platforms in an official capacity, it’s different from the other options.

Readers can access manga on the websites mentioned above in exact chronological order. The first three chapters are free, but readers who wish to continue the saga must purchase a Shonen Jump+ subscription.

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