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Inside Katrina Kaif's Galentine's Day With Besties: First Up, "Vicky, Change Your Password"

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A still from Mini Mathur’s video.(courtesy: minimathur)

New Delhi: Presenting “Never Have I Ever Galentine Edition”. Courtesy: Katrina Kaif and Galentine buddies – Mini Mathur and Karishma Kohli. The clip opens with Katrina Kaif welcoming everyone to her Galentine get-together. She says, “Galentine is all about your best friends. Of course, your best girlfriends. Unfortunately, they were not available but here we have Mini Mathur and Karishma Kohli.” We can see a “besties” arrow on Mini and Karishma’s heads. Jokes aside, Katrina then introduces, “The incredibly talented filmmaker Karishma Kohli and, of course, the iconic Mini Mathur.” They are here to play the game  – Never Have I Ever. The rule is simple. If you are guilty, pick up the spoon and eat the yummilicious cake kept on the table.

The first question, “Never have I ever snooped through my significant other’s phone.” Well, well, Katrina confirms that she has done it in the past. When Mini says, “Vicky [Kaushal] change your password,” Katrina clarifies,  “No, I have done it in my less wiser days. Now that I am more wise, I will never, never, ever, ever do it again. Even if someone opens the phone and keeps it beside me, I will not look.” Katrina then relishes a spoonful of cake. Mini, who didn’t eat the cake, also made a “pinky promise” that she will not do it again. Mini is married to filmmaker Kabir Singh. Whereas, Karshima clearly says, “No, I have never done this.”

The next question is “Never have I ever faked an injury to get out of something.” Katrina goes first and says, “I am also going to tell you which film it was. It’s the film where I met Mini and Karishma – New York, directed by Kabir Khan. I was like I just broke my leg when I walked in so that I could go home.” This time, Mini picks up a spoon to eat the cake and adds, “I do it all the time to get excess baggage…To avoid carrying my hand luggage at airports.” To the question, “Never Have I Ever Slide Into A Guy’s DM,” Mini replies, “I did. It was George Clooney’s DM.” Katrina also confesses that she has cried in public toilets. “At a few Diwali parties,” Katrina says. Oh, and, Katrina, Mini and Karishma say “yes” to the question – “Never have I ever googled myself”.

The clip was shared by Mini Mathur with the caption, “Galentines over Valentines anyday! Never have I ever with my dearest girls Katrina Kaif and Karishma Kohli.”

Katrina Kaif shares an amazing bond with Mini Mathur and Karishma Kohli. They are often spotted hanging out together. Mini and her husband Kabir Khan were also invited to Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s wedding in Rajasthan.

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