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Malaika Arora, Janhvi Kapoor And Other Stars Spent Monday Working Out. You?

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Malaika Arora and Janhvi Kapoor. (courtesy: malaikaaroraofficial) (courtesy: namratapurohit)

It is Monday and if you have managed to skip the gym (yet again), we may have something to help you get back on track. We have collected some of the best fitness videos that our favourite celebrities shared on the first day of the week and we bet it is all the fitness motivation you need. Let us start with Malaika Arora. The model entrepreneur has shared her yoga routine. Malaika has dropped a video of her performing yoga and also busted some myths in the clip. She wrote in the caption, “If anyone’s telling you yoga cannot help you burn calories, they’re wrong. I often do high-intensity abs yoga routines and I don’t miss out on warming up.” 

Sharing details of what she is falling in the video, Malaika Arora said, “This is my warm-up flow, I add Vrikshasana or the tree pose to my side plank. It helps me engage the core muscles, works on the obliques, relieves stress, and enhances body balance.”

Meanwhile, Shilpa Shetty, as part of her Monday morning workout routine, explained the exercise she was practising. Shilpa Shetty said, “No excuses even while I’m on set, training continues. This routine is called ‘Bird-Dog’. It strengthens the core, glutes, shoulders, and arms. It works on improving balance. (To get the form right, ensure you’re in a quadruped position with your hands exactly under the armpits, knees are under the hips, the core is tight, back is neutral, chin is tucked in, and your neck is aligned with the back.) Raise opposite arm and leg (right arm with left leg & vice versa) just parallel to the floor. Ensure you keep the core tight so as to not lose balance. Hold for a second, then change. Move your limbs up & down for 5 counts, and then switch. Make sure you do not tilt your pelvis to any one side. Pelvis should be neutral.” Celebrity fitness trainer Yashmeen Chauhan replied saying: “Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY!!”

Meanwhile, Sagarika Ghatge shared a glimpse of her workout at the gym and said: “Come with me to the gym to smash a Monday Morning workout. Nothing hits like a morning session.” Well, did we say inspirational, yet?

Janhvi Kapoor too had some fun in the gym where she was seen pulling off some quirky but complex moves to the beats of a song. In the video, she is performing with pilates instructor and fitness trainer Namrata Purohit. Namrata, who shared the video, wrote, “When I move you move. The most fun way to work out is with you buddy!! Janhvi Kapoor. You try it with your buddy.”

Tell us whose workout routine you loved the most.

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