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Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu shares the secret to parenting a confident daughter, says she gave her kids three essential rights  – Entrendz Showbizz

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Global star Priyanka Chopra has often spoken about her childhood and how her parents brought her up in a liberal household, that gave her the confidence to achieve whatever she wanted. In a recent interview, PC’s mother Madhu Chopra shared how she brought up her children in a household where it was of utmost importance that the kids grow up to be confident individuals.

Madhu spoke about bringing up Priyanka and son Siddharth Chopra in a recent interview with Hauterrfly and said that both kids in her house had three basic rights. “Both my kids had the right of thought, right of speech, and the right of expression. We used to ask them first, then share how we feel,” she said.

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Madhu shared that even when the kids were young, they were always asked to speak first, and it was after the kids were done that the parents gave their suggestions. She said, “Even when they were younger, when they came back from school, we used to ask them first about what happened, then we used to discuss it, or advice them.” Madhu shared that because of this practice, the kids grew up to be confident individuals who had the ability to articulate their thoughts and be self-assured. “What happened with this was they became confident, they were never scared of speaking, at least in front of their parents. Then it became a part of their nature. They became expressive,” she added.

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And while the household was quite liberal, Madhu added that there were certain limitations that the kids had to follow. “Tantrums were never allowed, raised voices were never allowed, abuse was never allowed. With these things banned, they could express themselves,” she said.

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Madhu also spoke a bit about her Priyanka’s husband of three and a half years Nick Jonas and called him “very sweet.” When asked about if she ever had any apprehensions about the age gap between Priyanka and Nick, she said, “Anyone who keeps Priyanka happy is my guy.”

Priyanka and Nick welcomed their daughter Malti Marie via surrogacy in January. It was on Mother’s Day that they brought their baby girl home after she had spent 100 days in the NICU.

In an earlier interview with ETimes Lifestyle, Madhu had spoken about her granddaughter and said, “It’s so joyful! I can’t tell you how my heart just goes. I think it’s something that I have been waiting for a very long time. It has happened now and I cannot conceal my happiness.”

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