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Reaction of father Shakti Kapoor about Shraddha Kapoor’s marriage

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Shakti Kapoor was shocked by Shraddha’s wedding discussions.

Reaction of father Shakti Kapoor about Shraddha Kapoor’s marriage: Recently, actor Varun Dhawan is tied up with his girlfriend Natasha Dalal in marriage. Now people are starting to discuss which Bollywood personality can marry.

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Many Bollywood celebrities are married at this time, but the most discussed Shraddha Kapoor And her boyfriend Rohan Shrestha is getting married. By the way, Shraddha has not publicly disclosed her relationship with Rohan. But her bonding and spending good time with Rohan shows that she can soon give some big news to her fans.
These discussions gained momentum when Shraddha’s boyfriend Rohan Shrestha congratulated Varun on his wedding on social media. Then Varun also mentioned the preparation of Rohan’s wedding. From this conversation, the fans of the actress had an idea that there is some planning going on for Shraddha and Rohan’s wedding, when Varun is saying this.

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Shakti Kapoor gave such a response

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Father Shakti Kapoor was shocked by the discussions of Shraddha’s marriage. He has expressed his reaction to the discussions of the daughter’s marriage, which shows that Shakti has no problem with the daughter’s decision to marry and that she can marry her choice. 

However, the fans were surprised that Shakti Kapoor did not know about Rohan’s relationship with Shraddha. Shakti felt that they were just a good friend. However, it is decided by Shakti Kapoor’s talk that he will stand with the decision of the daughter, which is a good thing.

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