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Shah Rukh Khan On "Permanent Balcony Ticket" – 5 Big Quotes From Team Pathaan

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Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham at a media interaction

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Actors Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham addressed the media with their Pathaan director Siddharth Anand on the super success of the film. At last count, Pathaan had fetched Rs 542 crore (gross) worldwide in five days – the action-thriller, produced by Yash Raj Films, released on January 25. The live session was punctuated by chants of “we love Shah Rukh” with the 57-year-old superstar – known for his wit and charm – in top form. Here are some of the best quotes from SRK, Deepika and John.

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Shah Rukh Khan On Sunday Ritual With Fans At Mannat
“My elders told me if you are sad, go to the people who love you… We will all have things that go wrong in life. Life is like that, it is meant to be like that…And I am very lucky that I have millions and billions of people who love me. When I am sad, I go to my balcony, when I am happy I go to my balcony. God has blessed me so much that he has given me a permanent balcony ticket”

John Abraham On SRK
“I don’t think he is an actor anymore, he is an emotion. I nearly went to kiss him in many scenes… Earlier I felt like I was an action hero, but I think Shah Rukh Khan today is the number 1 action hero of the country.”

SRK On John
“I genuinely feel that the backbone and best thing about Pathaan is Jim, played by John. John ho picture me lo toh kapdon ka kharcha bhi kam aata hai, (when John is in the film, the cost of clothing is also less).”

SRK On Deepika Padukone
“You already know about Deepika and me. We just need an excuse to romance, kiss and hug. Whatever question you ask me, I will kiss her hand and that will be the answer.” Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone have starred in Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express, Happy New Year and now Pathaan.

Deepika On Pathaan‘s Mega Success
“I don’t think we set out to break records. We set out to make a film with love, with the right intentions.”

Pathaan stars Shah Rukh Khan as a RAW agent who teams up with Deepika Padukone’s character against terrorist leader Jim, played by John Abraham.

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