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‘Shocked’ Kunal Kemmu, Saba Pataudi react as Taimur gets trolled for his comment to paparazzi: ‘He is a 5-year-old child’ – Entrendz Showbizz

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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s elder son Taimur was again under the spotlight recently as he told paparazzi ‘band karo‘ as they swarmed him for photos. A pap favourite since his birth, the 5-year-old was seen asking the photographers not to click him as he was out and about with his parents. The video went viral on the social media platforms, and soon, Taimur was criticised for his behaviour. The audience’s fascination for the starkids in general and Taimur in particular has often been discussed, with his parents also commenting on the need for space for children.

Recently, his uncle Kunal Kemmu told Bollywood Bubble that now children are growing up and they will communicate what they do not like.

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Stating that the paparazzi culture should be controlled around kids, Kunal said that before kids, it is the people on the social media who should reflect on their behaviour. “I think it’s also the people who sit there wanting to comment on this, they need to change. It’s very easy to sit and give comments. What I love about kids is they don’t care and they don’t have to be diplomatic. If they don’t like something, they’re like ‘I don’t want it,” he said, adding that the paparazzi culture became dominant in the past 4-5 years.

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Saba Pataudi’s post on Taimur. (Photo: Saba Pataudi/Instagram)

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He continued, “A kid is a kid. He can do whatever he/she wants, or whatever he/she wants. Now if you are going to come into their face and take a picture, and now somebody has a problem with how the kid is behaving, then it’s that person’s problem. Nobody is going to tell the kid that ‘oh why are you doing this.’ Earlier he couldn’t speak and he was in somebody’s lap and somebody was clicking and he couldn’t do anything. Now if he doesn’t like it he is gonna say it.”

Later, Saif Ali Khan’s sister Saba Pataudi also agreed with Kunal and condemned people who trolled Taimur. Saba said she used to feel “shocked” and “surprised” when people would tell her that they are fans of Taimur when he was just a baby. And now, she said it surprises her that he is being trolled.

“Today, he is a young boy. As I am protective of all the kids, this is so surprising that I was equally shocked at people trolling a 5 year old boy! You chase the children and then when they are simply real and honest, the same cute becomes criticism. How come? Children are growing up. They will change, evolve and learn. Let them be. You don’t need to be a fan nor a fanatic critic. God bless all kids, yours and ours. Amen,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.


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