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The Uorfi Javed Version Of An Iconic '90s Look Championed By Madonna

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Uorfi Javed (L) and Madonna (R – image courtesy Getty)

Actress and influencer Uorfi Javed recently wore an outfit that probably pinged the cultural memories of many 90s kids. Like most of Ms Javed’s outfits, this one was risqué and guaranteed to raise eyebrows – it is also, perhaps surprisingly, in august company. Last week, Uorfi Javed showed up for paparazzi in a protruding black and gold bra top worn with a draped black skirt. Ms Javed posted a clip of herself in the outfit on Instagram, captioning it, “Cone hai wo jisne dubara mudke mujhe nahi dekha?” Bollywood fans will instantly identify the line as a riff on Kareena Kapoor’s famous dialogue as Poo from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

The clue, however, is in the first word – “cone” substituted for “kaun.” The cone bra is iconic in fashion lexicon, originally designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier and pioneered by Madonna, no less.

First, the post Uorfi Javed shared:

The cone bra, calculated to startle, was the creation of era-defining designer Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1990. It was worn in glorious fashion by Madonna on her Blonde Ambition in April 1990. Just a year earlier, Madonna’s controversial album Like A Prayer had prompted Pepsi to drop a $5 million sponsorship deal after the Vatican called for a boycott. Madonna, rule-breaker like no other, continued to defy convention with her music, her fashion and her personal life – the cone bra she wore in concert was among the many elements that contributed to her shock value.


Madonna in concert (Image courtesy: Getty)

Supermodel Iman showcased the cone bra at a Gaultier show in January 1990 before Madonna wore a version of it onstage. Uorfi Javed’s recreation is faithful to the original cone bra, as seen on Iman below.


Iman wearing Jean-Paul Gaultier (Image courtesy: Getty)

Cut to now – Uorfi Javed is best-known for casting herself in the role of agent provocateur, posing for paparazzi in a series of revealing outfits, seemingly with little intent other than to shock in the interest of publicity. She couldn’t have done better than to turn to Madonna, the OG, for inspiration.

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