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Uorfi Javed On Kareena Kapoor Calling Her Style "Gutsy": "I'm Ded"

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Caption: Uorfi Javed shared this image.(courtesy: urf7i )

New Delhi: Uorfi Javed needs no introduction. She is known for her over-the-top sartorial choices. From cut-out patterns to making dresses out of garbage bags, Uorfi has done it all and how. As the designer duo, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla once said, “Love her or hate her, you cannot ignore her.” Don’t you agree? We don’t know about you but Kareena Kapoor shares a similar sentiment. The actress, in her interview with Zoom, said Uorfi really “looks cool and amazing” (more on that later). Well, well, Uorfi didn’t miss this amazing moment. Quote-tweeting a post, Uorfi wrote, “Whatttttttt, Kareena [Kapoor] just said she likes me???  I’m ded ! Bye. I can’t, Wow, is this seriously happening?”

Kareena Kapoor, who never fails to make a statement with her fashion outings, said, “I am not as gutsy as Uorfi Javed but I feel it’s extremely brave and extremely gutsy.” Talking about Uorfi’s style, the actress added, “Fashion is all about expression and freedom of speech. I think that the confidence with which she pulls it off, I think she looks really cool and amazing.”

Kareena Kapoor also gave a shout out to Uorfi Javed for carrying herself with so much confidence.  “The fact that she does exactly as she wants, that’s what fashion is all about – when you are comfortable in your skin and do exactly as you, please. I just love the confidence. I am a confident girl so I am all for confidence. I just love her confidence and the way she walks. Hats off,” she added.

Uorfi Javed made a lot of noise when she showed up in a classic creation by the designer duo Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. Uorfi looked stunning in a shimmery silk tulle saree with sequin work on it. Along with her pictures, Uorfi wrote, “I am thrilled to be dressed by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla. They are masters of what they do and have made me feel all the more empowered with their acceptance of who I am. No designers would give me clothes which is why I started making my own. Abu Sandeep have changed that for me.”

Uorfi Javed was one of the contestants on Bigg Boss OTT. She was recently seen in MTVSplitsvillaX4.

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