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Viral: Old Clip Of Karan Johar Asking Kriti Sanon If She Were Envious Of Alia Bhatt

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Image was shared on Instagram. (courtesy: kritisanon)

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The Internet, like the North, remembers. In this specific case, it remembers that Karan Johar asked Kriti Sanon on the last season of Koffee With Karan if she ever felt jealous of Alia Bhatt. As of yesterday, Kriti and Alia are joint winners of the National Award for Best Actress and this video clip, currently doing the rounds of social media, has aged like milk. Someone dredged it up and posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, with the caption: “Deserving/undeserving aside, it’s really fun to now look back at this chat and how Karan Johar tried to make Kriti Sanon envious of his beti, tried to dismiss her accomplishments only for her to win a National Award in a tie with Alia of all people… oh I know he is seething.”

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The video shows KJo asking Kriti, “What about envy or competition or jealousy sometimes with your contemporaries, like you know, is there that sense of, ‘I need to do it and look beyond my shoulder’ and do better than her (Alia)? And do better than everybody and perform as an actor? Like there’s so much chatter about Alia being the best actor in the country. Is that an acceptance at your level or is it also driving you to kind of get there yourself?”

Kriti Sanon replied with as much grace as she could muster: “I feel, of course, it drives me. It inspires me to do better. When I see great work,” only to have Karan Johar interject: “Like Gangubai.”

“Yeah, and you also feel that you know, I would love to have an opportunity like that. I would love to have something because I feel like Mimi as an opportunity, when it came to me, it gave me that confidence to put in so much into that film,” Kriti replied. Gangubai Kathiawadi and Mimi are the exact two films Alia and Kriti won their National Awards for.

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Alia Bhatt and Kriti Sanon, meantime, exchanged warm compliments on social media after the National Awards were announced. Both actresses are first-time winners.

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