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4 Diamond Nail Art Ideas To Try

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If you’ve been wanting to try diamond nail art but don’t know where to start, we have got you covered on everything you need to know!

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When it comes to nail trends – there is always something new that people are trying and the latest is diamond nail art. Diamond nail art is super cool and easy to create if you know how to do it. Luckily, we have everything you need to know about the nail art idea and how to create it yourself, at home.

What are diamond nails?

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Diamond nails can be one of two types of manicure – the first is by adding prismatic papers to your nails and adding a gel coat on top to make your nailbeds look like actual diamonds. The second way is to have an actual manicure and then add diamond embellishments on top.

Deborah Lippmann revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, exactly how she creates the diamond nail look. “For many years, I used real diamonds on my celebrity clients’ nails at the Oscars,” she said. As for how she creates the look, you can follow her exact steps below, and obviously, you do not need to use real diamonds – instead, you can buy some loose crystals or rhinestones.

1. “I start with my regular manicure BUT before applying a topcoat such as Deborah Lippmann High & Dry, I place diamond chips all over every nail.

2. “I use the Tweezer from my collection to lift the stones and set them carefully where I want them. Using a tweezer allows me to gently press the diamond into wet layers of polish.

3. “I then use a small brush to apply topcoat around the diamonds and on top of the polish to keep them secure. I call this the $100,000 manicure!”

Another great way to try the diamond nail art trend is with stickers. Luckily, Gina Chang, Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at Dashing Diva, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how to use Dashing Diva’s 3D nail expressions to achieve the diamond nail art trend.

1. “Choose which design you wish to apply to your nails.
2. “Lift off the 3d sticker from the backing sheet with tweezers.
3. “Apply them onto the desired nail and position, then firmly press down the edges with your finger.
4. “There is no need for topcoat, but if you want to make sure they feel extra secure, apply your favorite topcoat around the edges.”

Diamond Nail Ideas

Using prismatic paper and some clear gel polish, you can achieve this 3D nail art look.

Lil Nas X rocked diamond nails for his birthday, created by David Tamargo of Alligator Jesus. David told Popsugar, that each finger cost $3,000, which means his entire manicure cost around $30,000.

We love this look which is just a simple manicure with tiny crystals added around the edges of the nails.

If you don’t want to cover all of your nails in diamonds, then adding just a single party nail to each hand is a great way to try the trend.

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