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‘Family Karma’ Star Brian Benni Teases Major ‘Drama’ In Season 3: ‘Everyone’ Has ‘Secrets’ (Exclusive)

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Image Credit: Bravo

Fans of Family Karma are expecting more drama than usual when the binge-worthy Bravo show returns for Season 3 on Sunday, Nov. 6, and according to one of its stars, it doesn’t disappoint! Newly single Brian Benni, who broke it off with the other Monica recently, spilled the tea EXCLUSIVELY to Our Source, teasing that this time around, the tight-knit group of Indian-American friends — including Vishal, Anisha, & Amrit — and their moms (“aunties”), might begin to unravel.

‘Family Karma’ Star Brian Benni Teases Major ‘Drama’ In Season 3: ‘Everyone’ Has ‘Secrets’ (Exclusive)
‘Family Karma’ star Brian Benni dished on the latest drama of the show. (Bravo)

“As a friend group, I thought that there weren’t as many issues that came up,” Brian admitted. “I just didn’t realize the little things that people hold onto and the secrets and some of the chai [tea] being spilled and some of the drama I didn’t even really know about… even amongst our friend group and between the aunties.”

“I think everyone had their little cliques and secrets and just things that I wasn’t privy to, but I had to find out with everyone else,” he added.

Despite feeling like he was a bit late on learning the 411 on everyone’s drama, Brian insisted that the cast is still “all very close.” He even dished on where he stands with OG Monica, his castmate and childhood friend he crushed on in Season 1. “We’re very much still very close friends,” Brian told Our Source. “There’s just a thing that we have where we can go from yelling at each other from the top of our lungs one day to maybe two hours later, ‘Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t, I didn’t mean to yell at you,’ and vice versa, you know? So we just have that sort of like brother, sister type of bond now.”

When asked if the pair ever crossed the line from friendship to romance, Brian coyly responded, “No, no, it hasn’t. I mean, of course, there was a thing for each other when we were younger, in the past. but that’s many moons ago.”

As for Brian’s journey in the latest installment of Family Karma, he told Our Source that he was “excited” about it. “A lot of things are changing in my personal life, not only from a relationship perspective, but in my own personal ventures,” he explained. “And at the end of the day, it’s me trying to continue to become a new Brian 4.0 now. I just really wanted to share that with the world and kind of just show how everyone’s been growing and advancing in their own respect.”

In the trailer for Family Karma’s latest season (above), fans see a bit of the drama that Brian referenced, as both Vishal and Amrit’s weddings face disaster, Anisha navigates a new romance and some of the aunties go after each other! As Anisha’s mom mentioned at the end of the clip, the show has “all the elements” of a Bollywood movie: “You can fight, you can cry, but also… you can laugh, you can dance, and you can sing.”

Tune in for the all the drama on Family Karma Season 3, as it debuts on Sunday, Nov. 6 on Bravo.

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