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How Britney Spears’ Fiancé Sam Asghari Is Helping Her Cope With Family Drama – Entrendz Showbizz

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Britney Spears may have a ‘Toxic’ relationship with her family right now but that certainly isn’t the case with her fiancé Sam Asghari who ‘has her back.’

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Britney Spears has been swamped with family drama but fortunately, she has the support of her loving fiancé Sam Ashgari. She just broke free from the conservatorship her father Jamie Spears put her under and she has been feuding with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears but a source close to Britney told Entrendz Showbizz EXCLUSIVELY that Sam has been helping her cope. “Britney has appreciated Sam more than ever and he has really been there for her in every way,” the source shared.

Britney Spears and Sam Ashgari. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)
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“It’s been such a difficult time for Britney, but she knows Sam has her back,” our insider added. “Sam is one of the people that Britney feels really gets her and listens to her. He understands what she needs out of the relationship and he’s there for it. Britney has so much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for. She’s in a really good place and just wants to put all of this drama behind her.”

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Even the “Toxic” star’s inside circle are “so grateful” for Sam because of how “happy he makes her.” A second source confirmed that these times have been tough for the pop star. “Britney has been dealing with a lot lately. She looks at everyday as a blessing now that she is free, but this past week has been extremely hard on her. Sam has been there for her through all of this,” they shared.

“Right now, Sam is doing things to try and take her mind off the drama that is going on with her family,” they continued. He is doing the best that he can, but it is hard. It is hard to see her relive all this stuff with Jamie Lynn. He reminds her that, at the end of the day, she wouldn’t even have a platform to speak from if it were not for her.” He has been trying to help her connect with her favorite pastimes like taking her dogs for walks or going horseback riding.

Ultimately, she feels “safe with him” and “can’t wait to be Sam’s wife.” Luckily for Brit, that time will come soon enough. The couple is in the middle of planning their big wedding ever since she announced their engagement on September 12, 2021. For now, the “Baby One More Time” singer will have to focus on squashing her feud with her sis so that she can be there on her big day.

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