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Kyle Richards Reveals How She Really Lost Weight After Blasting Ozempic Speculation

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, 54, is making dry January permanent! The brunette beauty took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday and answered some fan Q&As about her recent weight loss journey. When one of her four million followers asked her if she will “miss” drinking alcohol after quitting, Kyle set the record straight (see screenshots here). “Truth is I don’t miss it at all,” the mom-of-four began. “I feel amazing so don’t see the point right now,” she noted regarding drinking again. However, Kyle clarified that she “didn’t put a time frame” on her choice to abstain from liquor.

Of course, one of the TV personality’s fans made sure to ask if she missed her go-to margaritas, to which Kyle replied, “So far, no … ” The Q&A session on her social media account comes just one week after the Halloween Ends actress told Our Source about her fitness routine. “I’m very aware of looking out for my health and my heart. I have lost a lot of family members to cancer, so I eat really well,” she explained. “I’m very aware of what I put in my body.” Furthermore, the 54-year-old emphasized how much time she spends in the gym. “I work out every day. I’m usually in the gym for about two hours a day,” Kyle continued. “Actually, I do a lot of cardio. It’s really, really important for women to exercise and to eat right. I can’t stress that enough.”

That same evening, Kyle spoke to ExtraTV about her recent fitness transformation and slammed rumors that she takes Ozempic to lose weight. “I cannot stand people saying that, because people that know me know that I’m up every day at like 5:30 AM, 6 AM at the latest … I’m in the gym for two hours,” she explained. “I really put a lot of effort into my diet and exercise and taking care of myself, so when people like to think I took the easy way out, it’s really frustrating to me.”

kyle richards weight loss
Kyle Richards detailed her weight loss regimen in a new Q&A with fans on Feb. 7. (CraSH/ImageSPACE/Shutterstock)

When Kyle showed off her sexy black bikini on Jan. 24, via Instagram, even her daughter, Alexia Umansky, 26, took to the comments to defend her momma. “loling at everyone thinking this CANT JUST BE a result of a healthier lifestyle. girl… sounds like slay,” Alexia commented, while her sister, Farrah Aldjufrie, chimed in, “Hard work paying off I [eye emoji] you.” Even musician Morgan Wade clapped back at the haters and wrote, “This is the result of busting your ass in the gym.”

Kyle took to an Amazon Live session on Jan. 19 and addresses the rumors of her taking the drug to lose weight. “Like I said, [I do not use] Ozempic or that other one that starts with an M,” she noted. “I changed my eating after we were in Europe for a month. We were in Europe for three weeks and then Australia for a week, and I had gained weight, and I was like, ‘Okay, that’s it. No sugar, no carbs, no alcohol.’” The wife of Mauricio Umansky, 52, has also been adamant about her intense Peloton routine and “very long, extensive ab routine.” The Bravo sensation has been a cast member of the RHOBH from the show’s start in 2010 and is currently the show’s longest remaining original member!

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