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Lindsie Chrisley Gives Surprising Inside Look at Dad’s Life Inside Prison: ‘He’s Made Great Friends’

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Lindsie Chrisley revealed that her dad Todd is adapting to prison life in a new episode of her Southern Tea podcast on Wednesday, April 5. Lindsie, 33, revealed that she visited her father, 53, and spoke about how he’s been doing “better” in an interview with author and prison consultant Justin Paperny. The reality star admitted that Todd was looking good since he started his sentence.

While Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley, 50, began their prison sentences back in January, Lindsie said that on her most recent visit, she felt like her dad seemed much better than when he first started. She said that he’s made some friends while serving his sentence. “He is really just embracing the process there and making the best of the process there with the people that are also there serving time with him,” she said on the podcast. “He’s made great friends. He talks about his friends there.”

Lindsie Chrisley Gives Surprising Inside Look at Dad’s Life Inside Prison: ‘He’s Made Great Friends’
Lindsie revealed that her father has made some good friends in prison. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Justin hopped in to say that friends made in prison can help give new perspective on everything. “He’ll learn from them. They’ve had experiences in life, both good and bad. You find perspective. They’ve endured trauma and heartache and pain. It was motivating for me,” he said. “You go to prison and so many people know nothing but struggle and heartache and pain.”

Earlier, Lindsie admitted that her dad was looking good and said that his hair was a little different but still nice. “My last visit with my dad. I couldn’t stop telling him how great that he looked. He looks very, very good,” she explained. “I said, ‘Even your hair looks better a little bit longer, and a little bit grayer.’”

Besides his good looks, Lindsie did say that her dad seemed less stressed after a few months. “His nails aren’t completely bitten off. Like I told you before we started this interview, stress will age anybody,” she said. “I know for sure that he is in such a better place. His spirits are great.”

Todd is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence for tax fraud at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Florida. Julie is serving a 7-year sentence at Federal Medical Center Lexington in Kentucky. Lindsie’s most recent visit to her father wasn’t her first. She admitted that she took a trip down to Florida to see him shortly after he first began his sentence in January.

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