Tuesday, June 6, 2023
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Paulina Porizkova Looks Fresh-Faced Showing Off Grey Hair As She Defends Celebs Who Get Botox

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Paulina Porizkova looked gorgeous in a new selfie as she spoke about the double standard celebs are held to when it comes to getting Botox or going au naturel.

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While Paulina Porizkova has said in the past that she’s never had work done on her face, the former model reiterated in a new Instagram post that there’s nothing wrong with women who want that! Paulina, 55, posted a gorgeous new selfie showing off her greying hair and fresh face, accompanying it with a powerful message dedicated to all women.

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“So many of you commented on what used to be my pet peeve — celebrities claiming their ageless looks were just healthy living — when clearly there is a bit more to it than that,” Paulina wrote, referencing her post about aging from a day earlier. “But here’s  the deal. As a woman, you are shamed if you look your age and you’re shamed if you do interventions to not look your age. Jane Fonda, who has been absolutely honest about her ways of coping, will go on a talk show to promote a new movie and all she’s asked is about her facelift.

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“Is it any wonder that many celebrities would prefer not to have to defend their choices every single day? What if you went to your office and [were] always introduced as ‘Jenny, who has Botox in her forehead and had a lower facelift’ when you’re there to pitch a great new idea, or sell off on a deal, or just sign contracts? Would you be so keen on letting everyone know if it is then becomes what defines you as a person, rather that your abilities and talent and personality?

Paulina Porizkova attends the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit On Location Day 2 in Miami, 5/11/19 (Shutterstock)

Paulina is incredibly candid with her fans about her feelings on aging, glamour, and “real” beauty. The supermodel posts an equal mix of makeup-free photos and sexy photoshoots, and doesn’t have time for any haters who comment on either. At one point, she reposted some of the worst messages from trolls she’s received and called them all out.

“Aaand – to start my week- some thoughtful readers’ comments,” she wrote under her screenshots. “I know many of you believe that trolls and nasty people should just be deleted- but I beg to disagree. I believe in holding them responsible for what they say. Plus, I find them sort of hilarious. You know how you disarm the bullies in the schoolyard, right? You LAUGH at them.”

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