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Super Troopers 3 Director Jay Chandrasekhar Gives Update on Sequel

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During an interview with Our Source to promote his new comedy movie Easter Sunday, actor, screenwriter, and director Jay Chandrasekhar took a couple of minutes to talk about his other upcoming projects. While his new movie centers around the real-life stories of stand-up comedian Jo Koy (Metal Shop Masters), the filmmaker’s next two titles are set in very different–and surreal–environments. Chandrasekhar is one-fifth of the hilarious sketch group Broken Lizard, which has given the world comedic classics like The Dukes of Hazzard, Freeloaders, and of course Super Troopers.

During the interview, Our Source’s own Steve Weintraub could not let the opportunity pass on asking about one of the upcoming titles. We’re all dying to know anything we can about Super Troopers 3: Winter Soldiers, which was announced what feels like ages ago, and we’re still light on news. Chandrasekhar underscored the important fact the movie is not dead, and in fact “it’s going to happen.” The bad news is, that there might be a long way to go until we get further information:

“We have written draft seven and so when we get to about draft twenty, we’ll start the machine up. […] I mean, we wrote thirty-two drafts of ‘Super Troopers 1’, and we wrote thirty drafts of ‘Super Troopers 2’. It’s just our process. […] We’ll throw out entire plot lines and reorganize everything and bring back plot lines. And it’s a process, but eventually, we get there.”

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In addition, Chandrasekhar teased what to expect from Quasi, an upcoming period comedy movie that is set to be a Hunchback of Notre Dame satire of sorts. The story follows a hunchback in the middle of a feud between the Pope and the King of France, both of whom demand he kill the other. The project is highly anticipated by fans since it represents the first time that the Broken Lizard comedy troupe has gotten together to make a movie since Super Troopers 2, which came out in 2018. Chandrasekhar said:

“I will tell you this, we have a movie called ‘Quasi’, which we made. It’s going to come out in December on Hulu, and it’s a 13th-century French … It’s like murder, assassination, mystery. I play the King of France, Paul Soter plays the Pope, and Steve Lemme plays a hunchback. And it’s a big international sort of … It’s a ‘Monty Python’ movie.”

The original Super Troopers premiered in 2001, and it was a surprise hit considering the tiny budget with which it was made. The sequel, which came out almost 20 years later, only happened after a successful crowdfunding campaign, which in turn prompted Broken Lizard to give it another go–and hopefully, it won’t take them 20 more years to get it made.

Easter Sunday premieres in theaters this Friday, August 5. You can watch the trailer below:

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