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They/Them Cast & Character Guide: Who Plays Who In the LGBTQ+ Slasher

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John Logan‘s slasher film They/Them may not be the scariest film in the history of scary films but what it lacks in fright it makes up for in an excellent cast and a compelling plot. From the stables of Blumhouse Productions, who in recent years have boasted an impressive collection of horror films like Get Out, The Black Phone, and successful franchises like The Purge and Halloween, They/Them is John Logan’s directorial debut. Logan has had an outstanding career as a writer over the last two decades with scripts for Gladiator, Sweeney Todd, The Aviator, Spectre, The Last Samurai, Skyfall, and Alien: Covenant to his name.

They/Them follows a group of LGBTQ+ teens who arrive at a conversion camp for teenagers where they are promised freedom that eventually becomes elusive. A few days into the camping experience and the counselors are pulling every trick in the book to psychologically batter the teens. It starts subtly but soon snowballs into full-blown chaos. As if that isn’t enough, a mysterious killer is on the rampage. A bold LGBTQ+ slasher-horror flick, all the cast members who play the campers are queer actors, which goes a long way to help them approach the project from a real place. The film is produced by Jason Blum and Michael Aguilar while Lyn Moncrief oversees cinematography. They/Them is billed to begin streaming on Peacock on August 5, 2022. Here’s a rundown of the characters.

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Head instructor at the Whistler Camp, Owen makes it his duty to ensure that the teenagers are settled in and comfortable. He reassures them that the camp is a “safe place” where they can take time to understand their sexuality and come to their conclusions. As events unravel, it becomes a lot clearer that he might not be as nice as he would like the kids to think.

An accomplished actor, Bacon has won a Golden Globe Award and two Screen Actors Guild Awards over a career spanning over four decades. He is popular for his role as Walter in The Woodsman. His other film credits include Footloose, The Following, and Apollo 13.

Molly plays the in-house therapist/nurse who is meant to treat the self-questioning teens and provide the needed psychological guidance. As the story progresses, it becomes obvious that she has got her favorites. Like all the counselors, Molly exudes a sense of mystery that leaves you wondering if she is the elusive murderer in the camp.

Anna Chlumsky‘s most popular roles are Amy Brookheimer on the HBO television series Veep and Vada Sultenfuss in My Girl. She has also appeared in Blood Car, In the Loop, The End of the Tour, and Inventing Anna.

Cora is Owen Whistler’s wife, a character that’s constantly in sync with her husband and teams up with him to provide leadership at this creepy little hideaway camp. Preston is known for her appearances in The Good Wife, Claws, and True Blood.

Theo Germaine as Jordan

One of the teenagers spending time at the camp, Jordan is a transgender non-binary teen who naturally emerges as the leader of the bunch. They are the first to stand up to the camp instructors when things begin to take a nasty turn.

Theo Germaine is a non-binary actor that uses they/them pronouns. Being a part of the LGBTQ community helped them bring their expression and experience to the film. Their most popular performance is playing James Sullivan on the Netflix series The Politician. Recently they starred as Noah in the science fiction series 4400.

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Quei Tann as Alexandra

Alexandra is one of the teens already transitioning but decides to make the trip after her parents threaten to kick her out of the house and disown her. There isn’t much detail about her character. A transgender actress, Quei Tann has appeared on Netflix’s Dear White People as Genifer, in Tyler Perry‘s Bruh as Officer Darla Grills, and as Peyton Osborn on ABC’s hit series How To Get Away With Murder.

Another one of the teens at the Camp, Kim is a closeted lesbian. Her character is still a bit hazy. Anna Lore’s career started off appearing in numerous national advertising campaigns. She has appeared in a number of shows including Doom Patrol, Faking It, and All-American.

Darwin del Fabro as Gabriel

A young man who has suffered bullying as a consequence of his sexual orientation, Gabriel reluctantly agrees to come on this trip after much persuasion. Darwin del Fabro is a Brazilian actor and singer who started his career appearing in several Brazilian musicals and TV shows. His debut solo album Darwin Del Fabro in Rio dropped in 2017. He has previously appeared in the period romantic drama Dangerous Liaisons and Novo Mundo.

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Cooper Koch as Stu

Well-built and athletic, Stu’s major concern is the impact of his sexuality on his future. There is still very little detail about the character. Cooper Koch hails from a family of filmmakers, his father Billy Koch is an actor and was on the crew of a few films in the 90s. His grandfather Hawk Koch and great-grandfather Howard W. Koch were both producers. A graduate of New York’s Pace School of Performing Arts, Koch is relatively new to acting. His only other previous appearance is in Swallowed.

After much dialogue with his parents, Toby, a young gay man accepts to come to the camp in exchange for a trip to New York. This was his parent’s final attempt at influencing his sexuality. Austin Crute is a singer and actor whose first acting gig was playing Alan in the coming-of-age film Booksmart. He also played Wesley Fists in the post-apocalyptic Netflix series Daybreak.

Monique Kim as Veronica

Veronica is a frustrated bisexual woman who has become fed up with keeping her sexuality under wraps. An actress, writer, and producer of Korean descent, Monique Kim has appeared in What/If and played Yu Shen in the dark romantic comedy Looks That Kill.

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