Amigos Movie Review and Rating

Director: Rajendra Reddy


Producers: Y Ravi Shankar, Naveen Yerneni

Music Director: Ghibran

 Starring : Kalyan Ram, Ashika Ranganath, Brahmaji, Sapthagiri and Others

Release Date: 10th February 2023

Rating:  2.75/5

Amigos Movie Review: Kalyan Ram, Ashika Ranganath, Brahmaji, Sapthagiri and others starrer Amigos has hit the theaters on 10th February 2023. Let’s see the story of Amigos.

 Story: The film revolves around the consequences of meeting a lookalikes. Kalyan Ram (Siddharth) searches a website for someone like him. Manju (Kalyan Ram 2) and Michael (Kalyan Ram 3) introduce in this sequence. Three meet. Who is Michael?, Why does he target Siddharth? What is the  backstory? What do Siddharth and Manjunath do after knowing about Michael? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.

Plus Points:

·         Kalyan Ram Performance

·         Unique concept

·         Cinematography

Minus Points:

·         Poor execution

·         Few illogical scenes

Performance: Kalyan Ram acts brilliantly in three roles in this action thriller Amigos which is different from Nandamuri hero’ previous films. Kalyan Ram impresses everyone with his stylish looks and his action. Especially Kalyan Ram’s performance as Michael is the highlight of the movie Amigos. He  is ruthless as Michael, innocent as Manjunath, and shows subtleness as Siddharth. Ashika Ranganath, who made her debut with the film Amigos, looks good on the screen but she doesn’t have a lot to do. Brahmaji and Saptagiri are fine in their roles. The rest of the supporting cast performs accordingly.

Technical: The main story is written by director Rajendra Reddy. The action scenes in the climax and the chase scenes in the climax are very impressive. Coming to the music, the BGM is good. The cinematographer’s work is the main strength of this movie. Every frame is shot very effectively. Editing is good. The production values of the movie are also very good.

Analysis: Kalyan Ram impresses with his stylish acting and his variations in acting in Amigos, which  has an interesting premise of doppelgangers meeting up, However, the weaknesses of the movie are the lack of logic in many key scenes, slow narration in some scenes, and poor screenplay in the second half. Kalyan Ram’s performance and some action elements connect with the audience.

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