Avasarala Srinivas Mark Romantic PAPA Teaser..!

Another upcoming film from People Media Factory, which has produced two back-to-back blockbuster films like ‘Kartikeya 2’ and ‘Dhamaka‘ last year, is ‘Phalana Bayi Falana Tari’. Young hero Nagashaurya and promising Malavika Nair star in this movie directed by Srinivas Vasarala. While TG Vishwaprasad and Dasari Padmaja are producing this film, Vivek Kuchibhotla is acting as co-producer. Nagashaurya-Avarsala Srinivas’ combination of earlier films like ‘Uhalu Gusgusa Lade’ and ‘Jo Achyutananda’ have received good success.


The films did well at the box office. And the previous film ‘Kalyana Vaibhogame’ in Naga Shaurya – Malavika Nair combination was also a decent hit. With this, the multiplex audience focused on the film ‘Falana Bayi Falana Tari’. There is also a teaser for that. There are more romantic elements in this teaser which is one minute and six seconds long.

Avrasala has once again proved that he is a specialist for such films. The teaser says that Malvika will be involved in a lip lock scene like never before. Shaurya – Malavika’s chemistry… Accordingly, the background score by Kalyani Malik creates a good feeling. Dialogues like Accha Telugu Avakaya are present in the movies.

And it has to be seen what range of success this movie will get from him after a gap of 7 years. The teaser is promising though. You can also take a look:

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