Banaras Movie Review & Rating!

Zayed Khan               (Hero)
Sonal Montero        (Heroine)
Sujay Shastri, Devaraj, Achyut Kumar (Cast)
Jayathirtha              (Director)
Thilakaraj Ballal      (Producer)
B. Ajanish Loknath   (Music)
Jayathirtha, A Harsha (Cinematography)


Rating: 2/5

“Banaras” is the latest Kannada film released as a Pan-Indian movie. Directed by Jayathirdha, this film stars Zayed Khan & Sonal Monteiro. Till now the released teaser & trailer could not arouse any interest in the movie. And let’s see how impressive the movie is..!!

Story: Siddharth (Zayed Khan) makes a bet with his friends that he will somehow make Dhani (Sonal) fall in love with him. In that order, he proposes to her and impresses her. In the same case, he unknowingly gets her into trouble. After realizing the mistake..

He goes to Banaras to apologize to her. If cut.. Siddharth who comes to Banaras will face some strange situations. Why does it happen? How is the time loop useful in this situation? This is something to know after watching the movie “Banaras”.

Acting Performance: Despite being an introductory film.. Zaid Khan did a good job. His chemistry with the heroine Sonal is amazing. It is no exaggeration to say that the only highlight of the film is their chemistry.

Sonal’s gestures and screen presence are good. She has a bright future as an actress. The rest of the padding artists have done justice to their roles.

Technical performance:
 Advaita Gurumurthy’s cinematography work is excellent. His work was seen in shaping a simple story into a visual poem. Bhale especially showed the locations of Banaras. The editing could have been sharper. Director Jayathirdha hesitated in turning the story written on paper into a movie.

Especially after the twist was revealed in the interval, he could not lead the second half properly. Therefore, no matter how colorful the movie is, the audience feels bored. So, Jayathirdha, who felt no problem as a director, failed as a storyteller. Production design & VFX work are good.

Analysis: Along with visual beauty, the story is also very important for a good love story. It would have been better if the film team had taken that matter seriously. Missing that, “Banaras” remains an average movie.

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