Bomma Blockbuster Movie Review & Rating!


Nandu                          (Hero)
Rashmi Gautham         (Heroine)
Raghu Kunche and others.. (Cast)
Raj Virat                       (Director)
Praveen Pagadala – Bosubabu Nidumolu – Anand Reddy Maddi – Manohar Reddy                          (Producer)
Prashanth R. Vihari    (Music)
Sujatha Siddharth     (Cinematography)

Rating: 1.5/5

Another short film made by anchor Rashmi with market & popularity in mind is “Bomma Blockbuster”. This film, starring Nandu as the hero, was finally released today (November 04) after two years of pain and suffering. And let’s see if the toy is really a blockbuster..!!

Story: Ekalavya’s disciple of Puri Jagannath, Poturaju (Nandu), daydreams of making a film based on the things that happened in his life, becoming a super hit, and settling down as a director. Just when everything seems to be set, Pothuraj’s father is murdered.

Who killed Pothuraj’s father? What are the changes in Pothuraj’s life due to this murder? is a “toy blockbuster” storyline.

Actor’s Performance:
 Nandu Yasa is a good plus point for the movie. As an actor, he felt no problem. If not.. In terms of body language, the minus is that it seems like imitating other heroes. Rashmi never found the scope to act but the role. But.. Her screen presence is adorable.

This is the first film in which Rashmi’s gestures are elevated apart from her physical performance. Due to the lack of clarity in the roles of Kirti and Raghu Kunche, the comedy or villainy they develop is not elevated properly.

Technical Performance:
 Director Raj Virat confused the audience by mixing one, four, or five genres without knowing which genre to make the original film. He stretched it with an emotional feeling when he thought it was an action movie. In the end, he left it undecided. So what is the genre of the movie? What is the real story? It is not clear to anyone. Technically, he entertained with good making. However, he seems to have ignored the fact that the story is more important than the technicalities of the film.

Music director Prashanth R. Vihari, cinematographer Sujatha Siddharth, and editing are all good. However.. Due to a lack of proper story-telling, this Technicalities & Technicians’ difficulty has turned into ashes.

Analysis: “Bomma Blockbuster” is a movie that fails to justify the title.. confuses the audience.

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