Gaalodu Movie Review & Rating

Sudheer Anand (Hero)
Gehna Sippy (Heroine)
Saptagiri, Shakalaka Shankar, Pridvi, Satya Krishna, Ravi Reddy and others (Cast)
Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla (Director)
Rajasekhar Reddy Pulicharla (Producer)
Bheem’s Cicerolio (Music)
C Ram Prasad (Cinematography)


Rating : 2/5

Someone said at the pre-release event that he is a power star of the big screen. Is there anyone who has really got that range craze on the screen… Everyone mentions  Sudheer’s name the most. That is why he is getting opportunities in movies too. On one side, he is playing small roles and on the other side, he is also acting as a hero. His first film ‘Software Sudheer’ was not a big hit…it had a good opening at the box office.

Now Sudheer is coming to the audience to test his luck as a hero with another film called ‘Gaalodu’. Now let’s find out if this movie does not impress the audience or not.

Story: Raju (Sudigali Sudhir) is a boy who roams the village as a Baladur. There is no obedience to mom and dad. Fights, poker… These are his pastimes. One day, he had a fight with the village sarpanch’s son in poker. In that fight, the sarpanch’s son died. As the case fell on the king, he ran away from the village and came to the city. There Raju meets Shukla (Gehana Sippy).

After that she hires herself as a driver in her house. Shukla falls in love despite knowing all the negative angles in him. But one day the police come looking for the king and arrest him? Later he will be jailed. And how did Raju get out of jail? Who helped him? Will he meet Shukla in the end or not? That is the rest of the story.

Actors Performance: Sudhir’s performance is absolutely impressive. Dances, fights, comedy… he gave his best in everything. It can be said that this movie has taken Sudhir to a higher level as a hero, but he needs to mature a little more in the emotional scenes. Gehana Sippy made her debut as a heroine with the movie ‘Chor Bazar’.

She was impressed with her looks in this movie too. It can be said that she performed better in this movie than the first movie. Among the rest of the actors, Saptagiri gets more marks. He impresses here and there with his trademark comedy. Shakalaka Shankar’s comedy is a little hard to bear.

Actors like Ravi Reddy, Prithvi Raj, Adhya, Sathyakrishnan seem to be okay with their roles. But the length of those characters is short. Along with them, former director and producer Tammareddy Bharadwaja appeared as a judge in this film and stood as a special attraction.

Technical Expert Performance : Director Rajasekhar Reddy did not focus much on Pulicharla’s story and audience from Sudheer.. especially he seems to focus only on what the fans on the big screen expect. He gave a good intro scene to Sudhir. Even the first half seems to be completed quickly. But the second half feels slow.

Especially in the climax, when Sudhir stabs him with a knife many times, when the movie ends, the villain enters again and tells the hero that he has become a good man.. It feels like a lag. And the songs created in the music of Bhims Cicerolio are a way to draw the attention of the audience no matter what mood they are in. Songs like ‘Nee Khanne Diwali’ and ‘Pettara DJ’ are uploaded immediately.

The picturization of these in the movie is also good. The rest of the songs are also okay. But the background score is not at the level of the songs. Cinematography by C Ram Prasad is good. The visuals in the song ‘Nee Khanne Diwali’ are impressive. The production values are okay. Running time of 2 hours and 5 minutes is also a plus point.

Analysis : Story week in this ‘Gaalodu’. It gives the feeling that the film is completely based on Sudhir’s image. His fans as well as the mass audience are likely to like this movie. Audiences who want to watch a movie every weekend can try it, but not necessarily a must watch movie.

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