Kabzaa Movie Review and Rating

Movie review: Kabzaa


Director: R. Chandru, Shivu Hiremath, and Soori

Producers : Anand Pandit, R. Chandru

Music : Ravi Basrur

Starring : Upendra, Kichcha Sudeep, ShivrajKumar, Shriya, Sudha, Murali Sharma etc.  

Release Date : March 17, 2023

 Rating : 2/5

Kabzaa Movie Review: Upendra, Kichcha Sudeep and Shiavrajkumar starrer much hyped action drama Kabzaa has finally hit the theaters today on 17th March. Let’s see the story of Kabzaa.

 Story: Kabzaa is  set in the pre-independence period. Arkeshwara (Upendra)’ father dies during the freedom movement. Mother (Sudha) raises him hard. Arkeshwara also has an elder brother Sankeswara. Amarapuram princess Madhumathi (Sriya) and Arkeshwara fall in love. But Veera Bahadur (Murali Sharma), the Maharaja of Amarapuram, Madhumati’s father, wants to marry his daughter to a royal family member. After twist and turn, Arkeshwara turns rowdy, and then a mafia don? What happened after that? What are the roles of police officer Bhargav Bakshi (Sudeep) and Shivraj Kumar? Why the son of a patriotic father becomes an underworld don? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.  

 Plus Points:

·         Performance

·         Presence of Upendra

·         Shivarajkumar’ entry in climax

·         Visual

·         Punching dialogues

 Minus Points:

·         Direction

·         BGM

·         Editing

 Performance: Everyone knows how great Upendra is. But due to the character in this, he didn’t get a chance to show more emotions than just anger and pain. He has played his character to perfection. Kichcha Sudeep has a special cameo as Bhargav Bakshi which manages to make an impact.  Shriya got a good role in the form of Madhumati. Her performance in some scenes is impressive. Sudha acts well as Upendra’s mother. Kota Srinivasa Rao is limited to one or two shots only. Murali Sharma’s character seems a bit awkward. Sunil Puranik and Anoop Revanna have given their best. Rest of the cast of Kabzaa perform accordingly.

Technical: There is nothing new in the story. It’s the story of how a mild mannered, common man who stays away from fights rises to become a tough mafia don. We have been seeing similar stories in past. The songs are good.  Kabzaa has many one-liners and punching dialogues. R Chandru, manages to recreate the 1940’s period by erecting huge sets and even costumes which look realistic on the screen. Music is just too loud and editing is ok. The direction is just unbearable

Analysis: Shivarajkumar’s entry in the climax of Kabzaa brings a  twist in the tale and is one of the main points in the movie Kabzaa. The story, visual presentation, and ensemble cast makes this film worth watching.


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