Malli Pelli Movie Review

Movie Review: Malli Pelli

Director : MS Raju


Producer: Naresh

Music : Suresh Bobbili

Starring : Naresh, Pavithra Lokesh, Sarath Babu, Jayasudha, Ananya Nagalla, Annapurna, Bhadram

 Release date: 26th May 2023

 Rating : 2.75/5

 Malli Pelli  Movie Review: Naresh, Pavithra Lokesh, Sarath Babu, Jayasudha and others starrer Malli Pelli helmed by MS Raju has hit the theaters on 26th May. Let’s see the story of Malli Pelli.

 Story: Actor Narendra (Naresh) is very senior in Telugu film industry. During a shoot, he meets Parvathi (Pavitra Lokesh), a Kannada actress. At first it seems nothing but as the days pass by the intimacy grows between them. Narendra has already got three marriages and he is facing problems in his personal life as three of them did not work out. At the same time, Parvathi is also unable to reconcile with her husband (Ravi Varma). Both of them come close to each other by revealing their problems. But on the one hand, Narendra’s third wife Soumya Sethupathi (Vanita Vijay Kumar) is troubling Narendra for property. She tries to drag Narendra to the media after learning that he is with Parvati. Has Soumya Sethupathi been successful in this process? Did Narendra Parvati become one? What did Parvathi’s husband do at this time? If you want to know about these things, you have to watch the movie  on silver screen.

Plus Points: 

·         Naresh

·         Pavitra Lokesh

·         Performance

·         Climax

·         Romantic  scenes

·         BGM

Minus Points: 

·         Slow narration

·         Poor screenplay

 Performance: Naresh as Narendra, Pavithra Lokesh as Parvathi, Ravi Verma as Phanindra, Vanitha Vijay Kumar as Soumya Sethupathi, Sarath Babu as Krishna and Jayasudha as Vijayanirmala  have given their fantastic performance in this film Malli Pelli. Praveen Yandamuri appeared in the role of Rakesh Shetty, the head of Power TV. Almost all of them act according to their roles. However, in some emotional scenes, Naresh’s facial expressions seemed tense for some reason. 

 Technical: The whole movie Malli Pelli moves like a web series. B Naresh and Pavitra Lokesh’s craze gave their chemistry a good workout on screen. Whenever both of them appear, there seems to be some unknown excitement in the audience. The cinematography is perfect for the movie. The editing is also impeccably correct. But there are no memorable songs. The background score is impressive.

 Analysis: Malli Pelli has some twists, emotional drama and family emotions.  MS Raju’ directorial venture Malli Pelli is just a passable film.


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