Matti Kusthi Review and Rating

Movie Review: Matti Kusthi


Director: Chella Ayyavu

Producer:  Ravi Teja, Vishnu Vishal

Music:  Justin Prabhakaran

Starring:   Vishnu Vishal, Shatru, Munishkanth, Karunas, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Ajay, Hareesh Peradi, Redin Kingsley

Release date: 2nd December 2022

Rating: 2.5/5

Matti Kusthi movie Review: Vishnu Vishal, Shatru, Munishkanth, Karunas, Aishwarya Lekshmi starrer Matti Kusthi, helmed by Chella Ayyavu, produced by Ravi Teja, Vishnu Vishal hit the screens today, and let’s see how it is.

 Story: Veera (Vishnu Vishal) has no goals in his life and spends his carefree life in the village with his friends. He thinks of marrying a submissive and uneducated girl.  That’s why Veera can’t find a girl he likes. On the other hand Keerthy (Aishwarya Lakshmi) is a state level player in wrestling. She is a brave woman too. Her  parents convince her to get married to Veera, that leaves her wrestling dreams unfulfilled.   Soon Veera and Keerti get married. After  knowing the truth, what kind of problems arise between Veera and Keerti? Will they stay together as husband and wife? Why does Veera decide to compete against his wife in the actual wrestling game? To get these answers, one should watch the movie on silver screen.

 Performance: Vishnu Vishal,  as a narrow-minded person,  acts very well. He impressed the viewers with his body language in emotional and action sequences. His acting is too good in the scene where he realizes his biggest mistake. Aishwarya Lakshmi is  also impressive as a wrestler. She is the heart and soul of the film Matti Kusthi. Some comedy scenes and interval sequences are good in this wrestling drama between husband and wife. Also the ego, fun and some emotional elements between them are also impressive. It’s nice to show the message that men and women are equal in a very entertaining way. Ajay, who plays  another key role, also impresses with his performance.

 Plus Points:

·         Performance

·         Aishwarya Lakshmi

·         Vishnu Vishal

·         BGM

·         Cinematography

 Minus Points:

·         Routine story

·         Screenplay

·         Weak Comedy

 Technical: Technically, the work of the technical department in Matti Kusthi is good. Especially Justin Prabhakaran’s music is a plus for the movie. Similarly, the cinematography work is also the highlight of the movie. Editor Manikandan’s work is fine. The production values of the  movie are good. Chal Chakkani songis good and is nicely shot. The climax fight sequence is well-composed and gives a nice finishing touch to the film.

 Analysis: The first half of Matti Kusthi is engaging and fast-paced, with a nice amount of entertainment. The main concept, some comedy scenes and the interval are good. A few topics, like equality between men and women and female empowerment, are discussed in an interesting way. Along with uninteresting treatment, main characterizations are weak and fake emotions in the movie have damaged the result of the movie. However, Vishnu Vishal’s performance and Aishwarya Lakshmi’s looks are very good in the movie. Overall, Matti Kusthi will impress a section of audience.

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