Prathyardhi Movie Review and Rating

Review : Prathyardhi 


Director: Shankar Mudavath

Producer: Sanjay Saha

Music Director: Siddhant Prini

Starring: Ravi Varma Aduri, Rohit Behal, Akshata Sonawane, Neelima Pathakamsetti, Tagobothu Ramesh

Release date: 6th January 2023

Rating : 2.75/5

Prathyardhi Movie Review : Ravi Varma Aduri, Rohit Behal, Akshata Sonawane, Neelima Pathakamsetti, Tagobothu Ramesh starrer  Prathyardhi  helmed by Shankar Mudavath has hit the theaters today on 6th January 2023. Let’s see the story of Prathyardhi.

Story: Krishna Prasad (Ravi Varma), who works as a sub-inspector in the Hyderabad crime branch, gets a case. A woman named Vaishali complains to the police that her husband is missing.  Krishna Prasad starts the investigation.  What problems Krishna Prasad face in this case? How does he solve the case? Who is Shiva (Rohit Behal) and how is he connected with this case? To get these answers, one should watch the movie Prathyardhi  on silver screen.

Plus Points:

·         Performance

·         Suspense

·         Second half

·         Climax

·         Story

 Minus points:

·         Screenplay

·         Few illogical scenes

Performance:   The performance of Rohit Behl in the role of mechanic is fantastic. His body language, especially in emotional and suspenseful sequences, are impressive. Ravi Varma also delivers the finest performance. Balwinder Singh, gets a good response in the theater for every dialogue. Similarly, Totapalli Madhu, Thagubothu Ramesh and Vamsi impressed with their performances. Akshatha Sonavane and Neelyam Pathakmaysetti look cute. The chemistry between Rohit Behal and Akshatha Sonawane is good. Rest of the cast perform accordingly.

Technical:  The story  of Prathyardhi  is interesting but it runs at a slow pace.  The Cinematography is the highlight of the movie. Cameraman work is very good in some important scenes. The production values are good.   The action part which is choreographed by Shaolin Mallesh is good. BGM  is apt for the film’s setup. The editing is crisp.

 Analysis: Overall Prathyardhi is an engaging crime thriller drama. There are few illogical scenes in the first half. The climax twist is interesting. Coming on the work of director Shankar Mudavath, he showcased the crime drama in a suspenseful manner. He maintained the suspense till the end by not revealing the murderer. Though it’s his debut, he narrated it in an interesting manner.

 Rating : 2.75/5

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