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Actress Sahana found dead! Was she murdered? – Entrendz Showbizz

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Actress Sahana found dead! Was she murdered?
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Malayalam model and actress Sahana was found dead in her bathroom, her parents accuses her husband  Sajjad of murder. Even claims of physically assaulting her.

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She  was found dead at her Kozhikode home recently.  Her family has accused her husband of domestic abuse and foul play, and police have detained him. Sahana started her career as an actress in advertising in Kerala and had recently appeared in a Tamil  movie. Sajjad, her husband, had previously worked in Qatar but he  is currently unemployed. In Kozhikode, the couple- Sahana and Sajjad rented an apartment. Her husband discovered her body on Thursday night. The police said that an argument happened between the husband and wife over the money actress Sahana got for acting in the movie.

The  landlord of their house claimed, ” I heard Sajjad’s call for  the help and I rushed to the house. I saw his wife  Sahana lying on his lap when I entered the house. When I asked him what happened, he said she was not responding. So I asked him to take her to the hospital. Later we called the police and they reached here “.

The police informed the media that Sahana tied the knot with Sajjad almost one and half years back.

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