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Allu Arjun continues to dominate 2022 as the 'leading man' with his achievements

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A megastar that didn’t let a challenging pandemic stop him from dominating big and small screens nationwide, Allu Arjun, is an unstoppable Force who continued to be celebrated in 2022. Allu Arjun’s Pushpa-The Rise went on to hit a historic benchmark at the box office with 350 crores, elbowing out big releases from Bollywood and even internationally. Such was the superstar’s Pan India appeal and star power that the Hindi version of the film Alone went on to make over 80 crores.

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If that wasn’t all, Pushpa’s OTT release only excited the audience even more as they thronged to theatres to re-watch the film on big screens. Not surprisingly, especially since the Allu Arjun blockbuster ran successfully in theatres for 50 days at a stretch, when other films opened to lackluster numbers. The historic blockbuster won the superstar numerous honours including ‘Best Actor’ at the South Indian International Movie Awards. He also won ‘Indian of the Year’ for launching a new wave of Pan-India films

The ‘Pushpa’ fever had taken over the country – From his looks, to the film’s songs and even his iconic dialogues, everything Allu Arjun brought to the screen had a midas touch and became viral sensations almost overnight. The leading man had the biggest celebrities and sports stars jumping onto the trend bandwagon, not just on home turf but overseas.

His hit songs Saami Saami and Srivalli dominated not just airwaves and social media but also made it to celebratory events like Navratri. During Diwali there were even firecrackers themed on his character in Pushpa. His fans also paid tribute to him by creating Lord Ganesha idols replicating his look and move from Pushpa.

It’s no surprise then that Allu Arjun was chosen to represent India as the Grand Marshal at the annual Indian Day parade in New York at India’s 75th anniversary of Independence and bagged an impressive endorsement deal with food and beverage giant KFC, who named a product line after him.

A year since ‘Pushpa’ released, Allu Arjun continues to be inundated with love and made fandom as the film premiered in Russia earlier this month. After the film was released in Moscow, it recently premiered in St. Petersburg and received an incredible response from Russian fans. The Russian-dubbed version is already making a splash in the digital world and is one of the few Indian films to release in the country, speaking volumes for Arjun’s international popularity.

He was rightly honoured by a magazine as the country’s ‘Leading Man’ and even had a special evening hosted in Hyderabad in his honour. Considering his achievements it’s safe to say that Allu Arjun is an era in himself.

As Pushpa 2 was announced this year, the megastar had fans in a frenzy as they can’t wait to watch Allu Arjun reprise his role in the iconic franchise that is guaranteed to be the biggest film in 2023.

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