Monday, August 15, 2022
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Amazon Prime gave a huge shock to subscribers about KGF 2 !! – Entrendz Showbizz

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Amazon Prime gave a huge shock to subscribers about KGF 2 !!
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It is known that the fans are eagerly waiting to see the KGF2 movie directed by Prashant Neil and starring Yash as the hero in OTT. Despite the success of the film in theaters, Amazon Prime made this film available to audiences. Usually the Amazon Prime subscription is priced at Rs 1499 and many people are taking the Amazon Prime subscription as the movies are available in a short time.

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However, those who wanted to see the KGF2 movie on Amazon Prime were shocked by the Prime executives. Prime organizers say they have to pay Rs 199 for early access to this film. Usually any movie on Prime is taken through early access and can be watched for months.But, even if you pay Rs 199 for Amazon Prime, you will still have a chance to watch KGF2 movie for two days.

Subscribers say they don’t understand how to laugh or cry at the twist given by Amazon Prime. Is it profitable to pay a huge amount and take a subscription? Some netizens are questioning that. It remains to be seen when KGF2 will be available for free to Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon had bought the KGF2 rights for a hefty sum. For that reason this film was made available on a rental basis.

It is known that you have to pay an extra Rs 100 to watch an RRR movie on Zee5 OTT. OTT companies are indirectly signaling that there will be no big gains in the coming days despite OTT subscriptions. Some netizens are questioning what the rental approach is for movies released months ago.

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