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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Nagarjuna to announce her elimination

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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu:  Nagarjuna to announce her elimination
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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu, the controversial reality show, which is being hosted by King Nagarjuna, is winning the hearts of the TV lovers. The countdown has started for this week’s elimination. This week the entire house has been nominated except for  anchor Ravi.  The sources say that this time Anee Master will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss 5 Telugu.

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Initially TV lovers thought that Kajal is the one who will leave the house,  but she was saved once again and the one who has been eliminated is  none other than Anne. All this will be showcased in today’s episode which is going to be very emotional. Her stints in the previous week were highly slammed by the audiences and netizens alike, who were irked with her disrespectful behavior towards  the contestant Kajal.

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Anee Master is the next contestant to be eliminated from the show. Anee is said to have bagged the least votes and hence  she couldn’t survive in the house any longer.

Anee Master failed to entertain the viewers and no wonder that  the viewers  did not  vote for her.

Well, in today’s episode, host Nagarjuna Akkineni will announce her elimination.  And now only eight housemates left to race for the  winner trophy.

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