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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Netizens trolling Siri

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu Netizens trolling Siri

The recent episode  of the reality show Bigg Boss 5 Telugu witnessed Anee engaging in an ugly spat with Uma Devi from the opponent team for destroying their baton. Anee lost her cool at Uma devi and said, “How dare you tear the baton Uma?! Thu, chillar”. Uma Devi gave her a strong retort, too. The task saw Siri also alleging Uma  Devi of using foul language.  The contestant Siri is being trolled by Netizens and  they are comparing her to Bhanu and Tejaswi  Madivada of 2nd season of Bigg Boss.

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 The Tv lovers are trolling Siri and saying she is it trying to gain some sympathy by playing  the cheap tricks.  Few comments on twitter by the netizens are as follows:

Swarna: Seriously whats happening there ..?? #Siri again is it ..?? Screaming screaming ..Auditioning for a ghost movie perhaps..?? #BiggBossTelugu5

 Perl: #Siri and #Swetha played the task worst. #BiggBossTelugu5

 Josh: When the stupid bitch actually works #Siri

 Bigg Boss: #siri some people who vegetarian cannot wash non veg dishes.. respect others culture.. #umadevi non veg dishes clean cheyalenu ante eni rojulu clean cheyaru ane question wrong #BiggBossTelugu5

19dec: Siri worst gamer this week over action fellow… Audience Ila thantharu… Nee over action ki.. #BiggBossTelugu5

 On the otherside, Uma and Anee are nominated for eviction this week. Now we have to wait and see who will survive elimination this week.

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