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EXCLUSIVE: 'KGF 2 laid a red carpet for Kannada cinema,' says Vijayanand actress Siri Prahlad

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The last few years have seen the rise of South cinema across India. It all started with RRR and Pushpa The Rise to Kannada films like KGF 2, Kantara, Vikrant Rona and more. They went on to win the audience across the nation. Now, pan-India film, Vijayanand is aiming to create a similar impact across the nation.

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Ahead of the film’s release the Vijayanand team of actors Nihal R, Siri Prahlad, Bharath Boppana and producer Anand Sankeshwar sat down with us for an exclusive chat. They opened up on their upcoming biopic and also on KGF 2 and Kantara’s effect on Kannada cinema

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In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble host Akash Bhatnagar, Nihal Rajput said, “The first achievement for us is that you are speaking about us and telling Kannada cinema, that itself is an achievement. Earlier it was known as a South cinema so recognising us through our language itself is the biggest achievement for us. Yes, I have to thank all my seniors starting from Rocking Star Yash Sir as KGF was the one cinema that broke all the barriers. So we should never forget our roots. One man took Kannada films not only in Pan India but Pan World and showed the world that yes we are coming, that Kannada cinema is no less than any other industry. He gave us confidence, the Kannada cinema is two films old but the amount of confidence what that person gave us.  It was followed by Vikrant Rona, 777 Charlie and then Kantara. These are all the films that have set up the best example.

Actress Siri Prahlad added, “Now we just feel like a Red Carpet has lain for us. This is like a golden era it is not that we were not doing good films earlier. No, we have always done good films but today due to OTT platforms, exposure and the kind of limelight we got through KGF. Today everyone has their eyes on the Kannada cinema. It makes us happy and it makes us responsible to give our best content. It’s not that we are competing with anyone but just doing our best. We are happy to be known as Indian cinema.”

Pan India film Vijayanand is directed by Rishika Sharma and tells the story of businessman Vijay Sankeshwar. He began his operations with one truck and grew it to a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles, making his VRL Logistics, one of the largest in the country. He soon dabbled in media and Entertainment too. The movie features Nihal Rajput, Siri Prahlad, Anant Nag, V Ravichandran, Shine Shetty, Archana Kottige and others in pivotal roles. It will release in cinemas on December 9.

Watch the entire conversation with the Vijayanand team here:

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