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EXCLUSIVE: Rishab Shetty on how Kantara success changed his idea

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The Rishab Shetty starrer Kantara has garnered massive success at the box office, since its release. The movie released theatrically on September 30 and has continued to win hearts. We recently sat down for a candid chat with Kantara actor-director Rishab Shetty, who opened up about the movie’s  box office success and more.

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In an exclusive chat with us, Shetty spoke about how the success of Kantara changed his ideology that nobody will cast him. He revealed he thought that nobody will cast him as a lead hero post 30.

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When asked about started his acting career late, Rishab told Bollywood Bubble that acting was his first preference. He further explained why he thought he lost the chance to feature as a lead actor after the age of 30 and focused mainly on storytelling.


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The Kantara actor said, “Nahi acting toh mera first preference tha. Lekin action director ka kaam karne se pehle tha woh. Woh ek film mein main andar aa gaya, team join hua. Toh udhar main filmmaking process dekh ke laga ki ye bohot acha hai, ye interesting kaam hai. Woh udhar main divert ho gaya. Uske baad chod diya main (No, acting has been my first preference. But, it was before I started working as an action director. It was one film that I started working on, I joined the team. Watching the filmmaking process there, I liked it a lot, thought it was an interesting job. I got diverted there. After that, I left it).

He further added, “30 plus hone ke baad kon chance dega mujhe, ye soch tha. So, isiliye main, jyada storytelling pe jyada focus kiya. So, it’s a journey (After I turned 30 plus, I though, who would give me a chance. So, I focused mainly on storytelling. So, it’s a journey).

Take a look at the full conversation below:

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