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Getting confused with Apple Wordle games? The company deleted them – Entrendz Showbizz

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Getting confused with Apple Wordle games The company deleted them
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Many of the Apple users are in bewilderment on how to operate several Wordle games since days. So, due to this, Apple company has removed them from its App store. The users got confused with another word-play title popularized by Jimmy Fallon and other celebrities. These games have turned out well in the App store recently.

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Former Software Engineer Josh Wardle has made available to the Apple users to play the game online once a day on his website. The game was introduced in October by him.

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Similar games to Wordle have been increased in the App Store, and there have been forty thousand Cravotta’s Wordle games downloaded in January 1st week. And these games have downloaded abroad.

On iOS, there have been 20,000 What Word-Wordle downloads within the first week of this month. And, the game stood in the top 10 among all word games in 14 countries.

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