Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Here are the top 5 contestants list in Bigg Boss Non Stop House – Entrendz Showbizz

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Here are the top 5 contestants list in Bigg Boss Non Stop House
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The calculations changed when Bababhaskar came into the Bigg Boss non-stop house. The Housemates, who until then had definitely been in the top 5, are now in the Elimination Danger Zone. There are currently 8 people in the house. Nataraj Master, Bababhaskar, Anil, Akhil, Shiva, Bindu Madhavi, Mitra Sharma, Ariana.

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If they want to go to the top-5 or top-6, it must have a double elimination next week. If the Midweek Elimination takes place this week, it will definitely be unfair to give the Housemates a chance to go with the voting. Also, the right reason must be shown to eliminate Bababhaskar. Otherwise the Bigg Boss audience will be impatient.

So, it is interesting to see how the nominations go this time around. Ariana, on the other hand, has been in the Danger Zone for two weeks. Anil Radhod, Nataraj Master and Ariana are all in danger this week. In fact Mitra Sharma should be on the list. But, he impressed the outside audience with his game. Hence, the chances of going up to the top-5 are visible.

Anil Radhod, Nataraj Master, Ariana It seems that these three are now facing elimination. However, if Nataraj uses the eviction prepass near Bababhaskar for the master, the master will be safe. Go into the top 5. Then there is only Anil Radhod and Ariana. Both of them do not seem to have any chances of coming to the top-5. Ariana in particular escaped elimination twice. It seems likely that this time she will definitely be eliminated.

In this context, it is interesting to see if Ariana will reach the top 5 like last season. Of the current housemates, only Anil and Ariana appear to be in elimination. Therefore, Bigg Boss Lovers are commenting that there is no chance of Ariana going to the top-5. If the two are eliminated, it looks like the top-6 members will advance to the finals.

If Bigg Boss nominates all the housemates this week, the prediction is that if there is a double elimination, the two will definitely be eliminated.

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