Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Jagan’s approval on AP film tickets issue – Entrendz Showbizz

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Jagan’s approval on AP film tickets issue
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We all knew that Mega Star Chiranjeevi has approached CM Jagan for the resolution of the issue of the reduction in the price of film tickets in AP recently.

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On the couple of occasions earlier, Jagan rejected to sanction an appointment for Chiru to meet him, But fortunately, he finally met Jagan with the help of Niranjan Reddy, who is the producer of his Chiru’s flick Acharya. So, as Niranjan Reddy convinced Jagan to meet Chiru, they both communicated with each other once again, and it also became successful.

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Jagan is not supposed to say ‘no’ regarding the issue, as Niranjan Reddy is a Jagan’s personal Lawyer and a Supreme Court advocate too. So, from Jagan’s side, there is a positive reaction to be expected, and at the same time, the committee has declared that the last meeting will be taken place later this month.

The committee will also submit the report to the directorate officials. The issue seems to be resolved by the second week of February by AP High Court.

So, let us wait and see in what way the issue is going to be set on.

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